Pro Tech Turf Pusher

Introducing the Turf Pusher.

Turf Pusher in Action

Your Defense Just Got a New Starter.

The Pro-Tech Turf Pusher is the first containment plow designed specifically for clearing snow away from turf sports fields. This lightweight but durable unit smoothly glides over turf with minimal disruption to crumb rubber and can also be used on field covers. Customers can now keep their sports turf fields operational at all times during the winter without having to worry about delays or cancellations caused by snowfall.

The Right Tool for the Job.

HP Range
72 inches wide
28 inches tall
3 yd3 capacity
318 lbs.
30 HP required
$3,595 USD
($3,195 + $400 for coupler)
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96 inches wide
28 inches tall
4 yd3 capacity
408 lbs.
40 HP required
$3,995 USD
($3,595 + $400 for coupler)

Our Fans Keep Their Fans Happy.

"We purchased 2 of the 8 foot Turf Pushers for our 5600 toolcats and are very pleased with them."

Chuck Dietz, Maintenance Tech University of Notre Dame

"The Pro Turf Pusher is a  highly cost effective and efficient plow which has enabled Roger Williams University to easily clear snow off our turf field.  It’s unique design allows the pusher to glide smoothly over the turf while clearing snow right down to the field. Having the Pro Turf Pusher has enabled us to practice and play when others have had to cancel this winter, it has already paid for itself!"

Michael Gallagher, Assistant Facilities Director Roger Williams University

"The Turf Pusher allowed us to complete the work in less time, push snow up into piles to allow more room for future snow events, and clean the field with less passes, reducing fuel usage. We are looking forward to trying the Pro Turf Pusher on different snow conditions throughout the winter."

David Iannicello, Grounds Manager Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Keep Your Fields Green This Winter.

The Turf Pusher allows customers to provide year-round access to their fields. Customers can save money by minimizing delays or even cancellations to scheduled sporting events. Unlike conventional plows and brooms, the Turf Pusher has no moving parts, which minimizes and can even eliminate the time spent repairing equipment.

Turf Pusher on the Field
  • Clears snow with minimal disruption to crumb rubber
  • Glides over both turf and field covers
  • Contains and stacks snow
  • Minimal to no maintenance required
  • No replacement parts
  • Multiple connection types available

See The Turf Pusher In Action!

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