June 14, 2013

Pro-Tech Releases New and Improved Steel Edge Sno Pusher

Updates to IST Model Include Pivoting Wear Shoes and Poly Suspension.

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — June 19, 2013 — Pro-Tech Manufacturing and Distribution, Inc. announces its new and improved steel edge Sno Pusher, the IST model, with upgrades that include pivoting wear shoes and a poly suspension.

The upgrades include: 2 ft. cutting edge sections, a 6 inch cutting edge, front pivoting wear shoes, poly suspension and a new side plate profile.

The 2 ft. cutting edge sections allow greater contouring to the plowing surface, which will yield a better surface outcome. The 6 inch cutting edge increases wear life and allows the edge to dip below the wear shoes as needed for increased scraping capability.

The patent pending front pivoting wear shoes substantially eliminate wear shoe interference and allows down pressure to be applied to the cutting edges when aggressive scraping is necessary.

The poly suspension, added to each wear shoe, dampens impact to the wear shoes, chassis and prime mover. It also increases the life of both the wear shoes and cutting edge, and assists the operator in reaching optimal surface outcomes.

The new side plate design adds strength to the Sno Pusher by maximizing the support of the wedge.

The 2013 models continue to have minimal moving parts, with high durability and low maintenance. The unique poly hinge eliminates springs, bosses, levers, grease fittings & pins. They also have no stacking or speed limitations.

“The newly released steel edge Sno Pusher provides our customers an improved surface outcome,” said Craig Geller, president of Pro-Tech, “with a high quality, durable product that is competitively priced and available when our customers need them. This is what the Sno Pusher product line is committed to.”


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