September 18, 2014

Pro-Tech Looking for Sno Fighters in the Rochester, NY Area

Pro-Tech is looking for customers in the Rochester area that would be willing to participate in photography and video shoots during this upcoming winter season.  Each year Pro-Tech goes on site with customers to take pictures and video that will be used in our various marketing efforts.

Here are the requirements to participate:

  • Sno Pusher models that are less than 5 years old.  Filmed units must have little to no rust.  Pro-Tech logo on sideplates.
  • Provide Pro-Tech with list of properties and contact information to coordinate with on-site operators.
  • Willingness to occasionally stage shots (positioning unit in specific way, mounting camera equipment on prime mover).
  • Sign release form to allow Pro-Tech to use photographs and footage of your equipment.

Here are some benefits of participating:

  • HD video and photographs of your equipment that can be used for your own marketing efforts.
  • Potentially have your equipment featured in national marketing campaigns.
  • Pro-Tech will provide new decals at no cost for certain units.
  • Each participating company will receive a free gift bag of Pro-Tech  shirts, stickers, winter hats, etc.

We are especially interested in customers that have specialized units (Super Duty, Foldout, Low Profile).  When filming, Pro-Tech will work with customers to ensure that there is minimal disruption to their snow removal process.  If interested, please e-mail us at or call (888)787-4766.  Thank you for considering this opportunity and for using Pro-Tech Sno Pushers.