January 9, 2015

What’s The Blue Stuff? Pro-Tech Steel Edge Sno Pushers and Polyurethane

Pro-Tech Steel Edge Sno Pusher

Pro-Tech employees are often asked about the blue material on our Steel Edge Sno Pushers.  “Is it blue paint?  Is it part of the steel edge?” are both commonly asked questions.

The “blue stuff” is actually a corrosion resistant polyurethane.  The use of polyurethane was first explored eight years ago when Pro-Tech began developing the first iteration of the IST Sno Pusher.  “Pro-Tech developed a reputation in the industry for delivering high quality, durable products.  Competitor’s steel edge containment plows were overly complicated with multiple parts that would wear quickly and require hours of repair time.  We knew our trip-edge solution would need to be both simple and durable,” said Pro-Tech President Michael Guggino.

Pro-Tech worked with partners to identify and develop a material that would stand up to harsh weather conditions and salt.  An effort was also made into using a material that would have the right amount of memory to reset a tripped-edge.  The material would also need to reduce vibrations to the operator that were often felt when using a metal-spring trip-edge.

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In 2013 Pro-Tech launched the latest version of their Steel Edge Sno Pusher.  This new version includes not only the blue poly spring but also a poly suspension, which works in tandem with other components to provide for a smoother experience and more aggressive scraping.  Click here to see the Steel Edge Sno Pusher in action.

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