July 11, 2015

Winner of My Snow Story Contest Selected

Pro-Tech is proud to announce that Matthew Green of PA Winter Services LLC has been selected as the winner of the My Snow Story Contest.  The contest began in May of this year and provided an opportunity for those in the snow and ice management industry to share their story of how they got started in the business.

The contest website, mysnowstory.com, gave visitors insight into Pro-Tech’s history and allowed them to submit their story for consideration.  The contest winner, Matthew Green, will receive a $1,000 gift card prize pack that includes $250 gift cards to Dunkin Donuts, Home Depot, Red Wing Shoes, and the Pro-Tech merchandise store.

Pro-Tech would like to thank all of those that participated.

Here is Matthew’s entry:

As a child growing up in rural Pennsylvania, I couldn’t wait for winters to enjoy snowmobiling and more importantly watching Dad plow our long driveway with his beat up old 1971 Dodge Powerwagon. The whole mysterious aspect of the “plow” charging up the driveway with its old dull headlight’s beaming over the flying snow laid a permanent impression on me. It was a feeling that never went away.

Fast forward to 2009 when I took a job as general laborer working for my uncles small home improvement company. Despite regular duties, Id slip away and couldn’t resist fixing up the companies rusty 1995 F250 with Meyer plow and tailgate spreader. That winter I got some seat time for my very first plowing experience and boy did I love it. I was hooked and the next year, 2010, I formulated an LLC and bought my very own truck, a 2004 Chevy 2500HD equipped with a new Fisher plow and tailgate spreader. I did the plowing for my uncles company again, usually overnight, before I reported to work as a flooring salesman. That year I made $10,000 and loved every second of it.

Moving forward to the next winter season, thanks to some help from SIMA and plowsite, I was discovered by a larger landscape firm and landed my first real commercial account with 10 acres, such a big step that I had to sub-contract 5 acres to another company. I invested in a used skid steer and another truck, a V-box spreader, a 10’ Pro Tech Snow pusher, and hired two part time helpers. Unfortunately, the winter was a complete no show and I never recouped anywhere near my investment, it was a rude awakening for someone so new in the business. After the previous poor winter things really took off for the 12/13 season, the same company awarded me a total of 36 acres mostly all large commercial warehouse lots. There was no way a 27 year old, inexperienced businessman could afford to handle all of the responsibility, so I again, found two sub-contractors to share in the responsibility. I invested more money into the business, buying used equipment and enlisting the help my father and other sidewalk laborers. The winter was not terrific for snow removal, but there were many salting events, which really boosted income. In fact it was good enough for me to quit my full time job as a flooring salesman and officially take PA Winter Services LLC to a full-time year round business.

That summer I spent time planning for next season and really put all my cards on the 36 acre contract. Of course as luck would have it, with no signed contract well into October, I knew something was wrong. An upper level management change within the real estate company, ushered in a new plowing outfit and sent us out. We were back at ground zero with no lot to plow. At 28 years old, feeling the worst I have ever felt, thinking the absolute most tragic thoughts about my house and lifestyle, I quickly started networking and was able to get a deal plowing the USPS distribution center and another small commercial site. We were back! That winter and the winter of 14/15, sent unprecedented snowfall to the Lehigh Valley area. PA Winter Services LLC saw two consecutive years of terrific income, something I only could have only dreamed about just 5 short years earlier. I was able to upgrade to new equipment and created some terrific contacts in the industry. My life is centered on the snow removal lifestyle, always thinking about better ways and better days ahead.