July 16, 2015

Why Your Snow Removal Business Can’t Afford Not to Invest in Quality Equipment

Loader Steel Edge Sno Pusher

It happens every winter. Across North America, we get hit with seemingly-endless snowfall. Canada shells out $1 billion each year on snow removal, and in the United States, snow capitals like Salt Lake City, Anchorage, AK, and Denver, CO, can see as much as eight feet of snow in a typical winter.

Today’s businesses can’t afford to let their parking lots and pedestrian areas go unplowed during the winter. During 2014 alone, winter snowfall resulted in an incredible $2.3 billion in insured losses across the country for businesses. As a result, more businesses than ever are turning to commercial snow removal to make their employees and customers safer and more satisfied.

Considering the huge demand for commercial snow removal services across the country, your business can’t afford to lose out to its competitors just because it has sub-par equipment. Here are just three of the many reasons why your snow removal business should invest in the highest quality snow pusher boxes on the market:

Improved efficiency

Snow pushers can expand snow removal volume by as much as 500% over conventional blades or buckets.  However, the efficiencies gained through increased snow removal volume can be lost if equipment fails or breaks while in use.  It is important to ensure your company’s rubber edged and steel snow pushers are built using fully welded reinforced construction that will hold up in the toughest of storms.  The combination of using snow pushers that are both effective and durable means that your operators will get more work done in less time, cutting costs, and maximizing profits for your business.


Unparalleled versatility

Unlike traditional plows, which are designed to keep roads clear, snow pusher(s) are specifically designed to handle large areas that need to be kept free of snow.   Some manufacturers offer a variety of rubber edge and steel edge snow pusher models that can address all types of surface conditions and property types.

Long-term overhead cost reduction

Many commercial snow removal businesses find that higher-quality snow pushers quickly pay for themselves despite their upfront cost. These snow pushers don’t need to be replaced as often as lower-quality snow pushing equipment, meaning your business will save on countless repairs and replacements. By investing in quality rubber-edged or steel snow pushers, you’ll be investing in durable, strong and reliable equipment that will serve your snow removal business well for years to come.

Have any other thoughts on why it’s important to only invest in the best snow pushers? Feel free to share with us — and to ask any questions about snow pusher manufacturers — by leaving a comment below.