August 17, 2015

The 3 Most Essential Pre-Season Maintenance Practices for Snow Pusher Boxes

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While summer is still going strong, it will be winter before many of us know it — and before long, commercial snow removal businesses across the country will be bringing their snow pusher boxes out of storage.

If these snow pushers are properly maintained all year round, they can last through the entire winter season without needing significant repairs. And when 63.4% of the continental U.S. had snow on the ground in March of this year, your business will need snow pusher boxes that can last through the winter.

To make sure your business’ snow box pushers are ready to go once the first snow of the season falls — and can keep pushing snow all winter long — be sure to perform these three crucial pre-season maintenance procedures:

Inspect, Repair and Replace

Perform a thorough visual inspection of each snow pusher box to ensure everything is in proper condition before the start of the season. On rubber-edged snow pusher boxes, for example, be sure that the back lower edge of the rubber is between 1/8 and 1/4 inch below the wear shoe. Replace any parts that have reached the end of their lifespan, and tighten the bolts for the steel hold down to 120 feet per pound. Most snow pusher manufacturers recommend that shoes worn at or below a 1/4″ be replaced.

Clean and Protect

Before bringing your rubber and steel snow pushers out of storage, it’s important to give them a thorough cleaning to remove any debris that may have accumulated over the off-season. Power washing the unit is recommended. After the snow pusher box dries check for areas that need paint. Remove any corroded corrosion such as rust or mill-scale using a wire wheel or grinder. Next, use a dual action sander to feather out the areas. For additional protection from rust, a metal neutralizer, which can be purchased at any local automotive store can be applied. Once the unit is fully dry, apply primer. A brush can be used on small areas but for larger surfaces a pressure pot or cup spray gun is recommended. Wait at least 30 minutes before applying top coat. Make sure to follow instructions provided by the paint manufacturer. Let the snow pusher box dry for an hour if you will be applying new decals.

Prioritize Proper Storage

When storing rubber and steel edge snow pusher boxes outside make sure that they are facing away from direct sunlight. Over time UV rays can accelerate wear on the rubber edges or poly hinges of snow pushers. Snow pusher boxes should always be stored in dry areas away from tall grass. Between winter events and during the off-season rest the unit’s wear shoes on boards to prevent the rubber edge from warping.

Have any other questions about keeping containment plows and sno pushers for loaders in their top condition throughout the year? Feel free to ask by leaving a comment below.