February 10, 2016

The Steel Edge Sno Pusher Continues to Receive Rave Reviews

Steel Edge


Since being launched in late 2013 the Pro-Tech Steel Edge Sno Pusher continues to receive very positive reviews for its simple but effective design, durability, and scraping capabilities.  But don’t take our word for it.  Here is some feedback from customers:

“The Steel Edge Sno Pusher far exceeds the performance of any rubber edge pusher on hard packed snow and ice.  It scrapes up all of it and leaves a snow free surface.”  – Rick Wallenhorst III, RJW Enterprises

“I love the Steel Edge Sno Pusher.  I personally run it.  Its pushing and scraping capabilities are incredible.” – @jgrasteit

“Pro-tech are awesome.” – Mike Eshleman, M&J Snow Removal

“Before and after with the New IST Steel edge!!!  Hard packed snow with ice…GONE!” – Jeff Shannon, Shawn Granger Landscaping and Snow Removal

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Click here for more information on the Steel Edge Sno Pusher.