March 16, 2016

Pro-Tech Visits The Greater Rochester International Airport

Super Duty Sno Pusher

Being a snow and ice management professional requires technical skill, keen observation, and being able to make quick decisions when weather patterns change.  These abilities are especially important when you are clearing snow around massive passenger planes that are in the process of landing and taking off.  I had the opportunity to witness the expertise that goes into airport snow removal when I visited the Greater Rochester International Airport, which is a short distance from Pro-Tech headquarters.  Tim Woolston, operations manager at the airport was kind enough to have me do a “ride along” that included a stop to film our Super Duty Sno Pusher, which is being used in the airport’s snow removal efforts.  The conditions were especially brutal that day with the area seeing close to two feet of snow within a 24 hour period.

Seeing our 30′ Super Duty Sno Pusher, which weighs over 4 tons in action was impressive.  But what was more impressive was seeing the ability of Tim and his team to work in unison and ensuring that the airport’s terminals continued to operate, even in bad weather.  An unexpected highlight to the tour was being able to ride with Tim as he helped a plane that had visibility issues navigate from the gate to the runway.

I’d like to thank Tim, his team, and the Greater Rochester International Airport for letting me see behind the scenes.  We appreciate you using Pro-Tech but even more so the amazing job you do to keep people getting to their destinations on time during a snowstorm.