April 1, 2016

Pro-Tech Super Duty Sno Pusher – Snow Pusher for Airports and other massive properties

Super Duty At Airport

Airports, distribution centers, and other similar sized properties often require larger-than-normal snow removal equipment.  In addition many of these properties need extremely durable equipment that can meet the demands of around-the-clock snow removal during a winter storm.  The Super Duty Sno Pusher is the Goliath of containment plows.  Built using fully-welding construction, this snow pusher comes in sizes ranging from 10 feet to 30 feet and can contain up to 57 yards of snow.  It can also find a second use in construction or agricultural applications such as moving aggregate or grain.  This video shows the Super Duty Sno Pusher being used during a winter event at the Greater Rochester International Airport where close to 2 feet of snow fell within 24 hours.