June 15, 2016

Pro-Tech’s new Product, the Sno Basket, will allow for easy loading and hauling of Snow

pro-tech sno basket


  • The Sno Basket is a lightweight bucket that allows for easy hauling of snow.
  • Slots on the bucket allow customers to compress and collect the maximum amount of snow.
  • The Sno Basket offers much more capacity than a standard bucket.
  • Interested parties should contact Pro-Tech to receive a quote for this product.

ROCHESTER, NY (June 8, 2016) – Pro-Tech Manufacturing and Distribution, Inc. announced today its newest product offering, the Sno Basket, which is a lightweight bucket that allows for easy loading and hauling of snow.

The Sno Basket’s flat-bottomed design allows for maximum collection of snow from piles.  It also offers more than twice the capacity of most stock backhoe and compact wheel loader buckets, for which the Sno Basket is designed.  Using the Sno Basket can also significantly reduce the wear to expensive cutting edges found on most stock buckets. The Sno Basket comes with a durable but economically priced replaceable steel cutting edge.

“The decision to offer the Sno Basket was driven by our product development team’s research and demand from customers, says Pro-Tech marketing director, Jered Shuknecht.  With the significant snow accumulations many customers are seeing and growing traffic on retail properties, we knew a product like this would be welcomed.”

The Sno Basket differs from standard buckets in not just capacity but the ability to eliminate unnecessary weight.  Slots on the bucket allow customers to compress and collect maximum amount of snow while also allowing water to escape when moving slushy snow.  The elimination of water weight in both the bucket, and truck bed can reduce operation times and fuel costs.

The Sno Basket is built using fully welded construction and multiple connection types are available.  Parties interested in the Sno Basket should contact Pro-Tech to receive a custom quote.


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About Pro-Tech Sno Pushers

Pro-Tech is North America’s leader in containment and multi-use plows.  The company’s first snow removal product, the Pro-Tech Sno Pusher, helped to revolutionize the way that snow and ice is commercially managed.  Over twenty years later that innovation continues with products that are known for their durability, availability, and competitive pricing.  With more than 65 models across Pro-Tech’s Sno Pusher, Turf Pusher, and additional product lines, customers can choose from a variety of attachments that will help them tackle many different surface conditions and applications.  Next time winter gets angry, take a stand with Pro-Tech and find out why so many snow professionals use our products to service their properties.