July 6, 2016

Snow Pusher Manufacturers are Already Prepping for Next Winter. Is your Equipment Ready?

Summer is here and the winter weather season has come to an end. Without a doubt, many business owners have had to recoup the costs of winter damage to their property, and perhaps some still are. Since the 1980s, the total price of property damage caused by snow and ice amounts to a staggering $38 billion. In 2014 alone, severe winter weather was responsible for roughly 15% of all home, auto, and business catastrophe losses.

Considering these figures, the work of snow pusher manufacturers is imperative. Businesses and civilians rely on the most cutting-edge and reliable snow pusher technology to carry on safely when the snow starts to pile up. So what better time to start prepping for winter than before it has a chance to hit? Failing to plan is planning to fail, after all.

Despite the current balmy temperatures taking hold across the country, snow pusher manufacturers like Pro-Tech are hard at work building up their stock to ensure that snow removal professionals are never found wanting when the snow hits.

So what can planning ahead look like for those professionals? Take inventory of your snow pushers and their accompanying equipment. Are they ready for what’s to come?

Maintenance Made Easy

Much has been said about the superior characteristics of the SBR extruded rubber that Pro-Tech uses for the edge on its classic Rubber Edge Sno Pusher. It provides just the right balance of stiffness and flexibility, and effectively set the industry standard upon its introduction in 1993. Lesser known however, is the fact that these blades can be flipped and reversed for extended use. And, when both edges are effectively worn, Pro-Tech offers replacements in whatever size you need.

Pro-Tech also offers a range of different wear shoes that can be installed quickly and easily. The benefits of wear shoe options are twofold: First, their expendability means a much longer life for your pusher. All of Pro-Tech’s wear shoe options are through-hardened to ensure durability and consistent wear over many uses. Second, Pro-Tech offers Specialty Shoes that make snow removal possible even on more sensitive surfaces. This versatility enables snow removal professionals to adapt to whatever winter may throw at them.

Taking advantage of the parts and options that Pro-Tech offers is a great way to ensure your Sno Pusher arsenal stays in shape during the off season. After all, being prepared is what ensures that your Sno Pusher is ready when you need it most.