August 9, 2016

Steel Edge Sno Pusher: Simple. Durable. Tough-as-nails

steel edge sno pusher

The all-new Steel Edge Sno Pusher has only been around for several winter seasons but is quickly gaining popularity as a containment plow that is simple, durable, and tough-as-nails. In addition, the Steel Edge Sno Pusher offers lower cost of ownership than many of the other steel-edge offerings on the market.

The Steel Edge Sno Pusher is built using heavy duty, fully welded construction and is backed up with a 10 year warranty. There are no speed or stacking restrictions.

Many competitive steel edge containment plows on the market consist of complicated parts and offer in some cases more “bells and whistles” than what is required to get the job done. This can result in a product that might work well but can cost a significant amount of money. The Steel Edge Sno Pusher is a containment plow that offers simplicity, performance, all at a reasonable retail price.