September 15, 2016

Turf Pusher Featured on Professional Football Field

pro-tech turf pusher

Pro-Tech was recently given the opportunity to conduct a photoshoot highlighting the Turf Pusher on a customer’s artificial turf playing field.  The customer happened to be a professional football team and one of the many that have decided to use the Turf Pusher.

The Turf Pusher, is the the first containment plow designed for removing snow safely and efficiently from turf and grass playing fields.  For artificial fields the Turf Pusher smoothly glides over the surface without displacing crumb rubber.  The Turf Pusher can help minimize game delays or cancellations caused by snow.

For more information on the Turf Pusher including pricing visit

You can see the pictures from the photo shoot  in the October and November issues of Sports Turf Magazine.