December 11, 2016

Product Overview: The Pro-Tech Sno Blade

skidsteer sno blade

For over 20 years Pro-Tech has built a reputation for building innovative containment plows of the highest quality. That reputation continues with the latest addition to our product line: The Sno Blade. Built using the same structural steel found in our Sno Pushers, the Sno Blade is engineered specifically for use on skidsteers in heavy commercial applications. Increase your skidsteer’s snow clearing capabilities with confidence with the Sno Blade.

Cutting Edge Craftsmanship

The craftsmanship that goes into Pro-Tech products is well known throughout the snow and ice industry, with many of our products still in use 10 or even 20 years after purchase. The Sno Blade uses reinforced structural steel channel, has fully welded seams, and is backed with a 3 year warranty.

ACTIVE Coupler

The heavy duty A-frame assembly allows for angling the blade 30 degrees left or right for windrowing snow. In addition, the frame can oscillate 10 degrees, allowing operators to adjust down pressure as needed. The Sno Blade features a simple, sleek design.

Expand Your Toolbox

The Sno Blade enhances your snow clearing capabilities by allowing you to remove snow on a variety of property types and from tight spaces. It can be used as a valuable stand alone tool or paired with your existing containment plow fleet.

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