April 24, 2017

Pro-Tech Debuts Sno Fighters Campaign Video

sno fighter video


Pro-Tech’s yearly Sno Fighters campaign focuses on paying tribute to snow and ice professionals.  These individuals often work long hours clearing snow, ensuring that their communities function even in the middle of a winter storm.  The contest gives snow and ice professionals (Sno Fighters) the opportunity to share pictures and video of how they clear snow in return for prizes and the opportunity to be named Sno Fighter of the Week.  This past winter over 125 companies participated, sharing hundreds of pictures and videos.  In addition to the submitted content, Pro-Tech also worked with local snow and ice management company, AP Enterprises, Inc. to create several campaign videos.  These videos emphasized the important role that Sno Fighters play within their communities.  “The Sno Fighters campaign is a way for us to say thank you,” says Pro-Tech Director of Marketing, Jered Shuknecht. “The efforts of snow and ice professionals often goes unnoticed but we want to bring attention to them and pay tribute to the hard work of the men and women in this industry.”  Final contest submissions along with the campaign videos can be viewed at Snofighters.com.

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