August 21, 2017

How Pro-Tech Uses Video to Strengthen Customer Relationships

Pro-Tech YouTube Channel

Company using video to inform and educate customers about products and services.


Video is all around us and continues to be a powerhouse in how companies market themselves.  Is your company using video content to promote your products or services?  If not, why?  Maybe you are unsure of how to get started or maybe your company is still only using “old school” marketing and advertising techniques.  Video is here to stay and snow removal companies that don’t take advantage of this tremendous resource will eventually be left behind.  This is especially true when considering there is a growing consumer base that expects this type of content.

For several years Pro-Tech has focused heavily on video and the positive impact it can have on sales and customer service.  Starting with Pro-Tech’s Sno Fighters documentary,  the company has continually worked to produce content that will appeal to customers.  These videos serve several purposes:  Some are used to educate customers on product maintenance or parts options while others are more action oriented and focus on creating new customers.  We also produce branding videos that help to promote our company identity and values.

Creating video content can be as expensive as hiring a film crew or as inexpensive as making a cell phone video.  What’s important is to ask yourself what types of content are your customers looking for and what do they expect as far as the quality of video.  Possible ideas for snow removal companies are customer testimonial videos, company overviews, a video on your procedures when a snow event hits the area, among many other ideas.

After creating a video your company should have a plan in place where that content should reside, whether it be your website, YouTube or social media channel.  In 2017, Pro-Tech’s videos were watched nearly 1 million times, driving thousands of visitors to our website.

Still not sure where to start your video endeavors?  YouTube is filled with a variety of tutorials on how to create video content and distribute it to potential customers.

At Pro-Tech we are committed to providing superior customer service.  We encourage you to contact us you have any questions about how to best use video for your business.

As always, thank you for using Pro-Tech.