November 29, 2017

Snow Plow for Sports Fields Continues to Gain Popularity


  • Montana State University recently purchased a Turf Pusher
  • Turf Pusher will be used at MSU’s Bobcat Stadium
  • Turf Pusher is first containment plow designed for clearing snow from sports fields
  • Turf Pusher currently being used by professional, collegiate, and high school sports teams across North America.

The Turf Pusher continues to gain popularity as the best way to clear snow from synthetic and natural athletic fields.  Over the past several years, the Turf Pusher has been used by teams ranging from the high school to professional level.

Montana State University is one of the Turf Pusher’s most recent customers.  MSU’s Bobcat Stadium  installed a new turf field this past summer and needed a solution to clear snow from the delicate turf.

“I think it’s going to improve our efficiency, our effectiveness. Keep the turf a little nicer. This turf will get around 10 years. Having a good solid tractor and blade to do that will help us extend that longevity,” said Chris Hayden, Assistant Director of Sports Facilities at MSU.

Turf Pusher_ Snow Plow for Sports Fields

According to MSU, the plow will provide better footing for the team when they are playing on Saturdays and during practices.

The Turf Pusher’s rounded edge smoothly glides over synthetic sports fields and can also be used to clear snow from field covers.  A recent change to the Turf Pusher is the addition of a pin-on coupler, which allows customers to easily change connection types.  This feature is very useful if teams use machines of different makes and models.

The Turf Pusher comes in either 6′ or 8′ models and is available at stocking Pro-Tech dealers across North America.

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