March 19, 2018

Pro-Tech’s “Sno Fighters” Campaign Pays Tribute to Snow Plow Professionals


Pro-Tech’s yearly Sno Fighters campaign is once again wrapping up as the winter season comes to an end.  The yearly campaign focuses on promoting the  important work that snow plow professionals or “Sno Fighters” play in their communities.  Close to 150 snow and ice management companies participated during this winter season.

To participate, companies simply had to share a picture or video on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) of how they plow snow and tag Pro-Tech.  Every entry received a special gift package from Pro-Tech filled with special items like gloves, hats, phone chargers, along with a personal “thank you” letter from Pro-Tech’s management.  Each week Pro-Tech would select a “Sno Fighter”‘ of the week to highlighted and receive an award.  The contents was open to everyone including companies who don’t use Pro-Tech’s products.

“The goal of the Sno Fighters campaign is to highlight snowplow professionals who play a critical role within their communities during the winter.” says Pro-Tech marketing director Jered Shuknecht. “People often forget that without someone operating a snowplow to clear their driveways, roads, parking lots, and walkways, everyday life during a snow event wouldn’t happen.”

Pro-Tech has taken all pictures submitted this winter and created a video collage.  Thank you to all of those snow plow professionals “Sno Fighters” for participating this winter.  We look forward to seeing your continued submissions next year!