November 6, 2018

Pro-Tech Introduces Pro Cleat Skid Steer Snow Tires

Skid Steer Snow Pusher


  • Skid steer tires are specifically designed for snow removal applications
  • Thin tire width and special tire tread combine to penetrate through snow while also gripping the plowing surface
  • Available for all skid steers with 10” x 16.5” tires, using standard 8 bolt pattern
  • Customers should visit or call (888)787-4766 for product pricing and specification details.

ROCHESTER, NY (September 1, 2018) – Today, Pro-Tech Manufacturing and Distribution, Inc. revealed a NEW product to their lineup: the Pro Cleat snow tire. The Pro Cleat snow tire is focused on achieving better grip and efficiency for a skid steer in a snow removal setting. The Pro Cleat’s combination of a thinner tread pattern and tire width allow for superior grip when compared to standard skid steer tires. The tire’s formulated rubber compound is engineered to stay flexible, providing supreme traction in cold-weather temperatures.

“Skid steers can be a valuable tool for any snow removal operation,” says Pro-Tech Product Development Manager Jim Maier. “When using Pro Cleat Tires an operator is now maximizing that value because it’s equipped with the right tire for the conditions.”

Pro-Tech says that the idea for the Pro Cleat was born out of customer feedback.  Many customers that use skid steers find the tires underperforming during the winter.  This is due mostly to tires that are designed for either landscaping or construction, not snow removal.  The result is spinning tires, especially when pushing large amounts of snow.   With a long history in the snow and ice industry, Pro-Tech quickly realized a solution to this limitation. That is when the Pro Cleat was born.

Interested parties can visit or call Pro-Tech at (888)787-4766.

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