November 6, 2018

New Sectional Snow Plow For Loaders and Skid Steers

Fusion Edge Offers Improved Snow Plowing Performance And Ease Of Use

As winter is upon us, snow removal professionals now have a new snow plow option for their loaders, backhoes, and skid steers.  Since being introduced to the market earlier this year, the Pro-Tech Fusion Edge Sno Pusher has received significant amounts of attention from customers across North America.  This new style sectional snow pusher is being promoted as the “best of both worlds” giving customers the performance of a steel edge snow pusher but with the ease of use of a standard rubber edge containment snow plow.


Fusion Edge Sno Pusher (Full Video)

There are three main components of the Fusion Edge Sno Pusher: the Fusion Edge, Fast Attack Shoes, and the Pro Float Coupler.  Each component is ingeniously simply, giving you all the benefit without the extra “fluff” that is sometimes found in more complicated sectional snow pushers.  In this video, we discuss all three main components in depth and the benefit to customers.


Fusion Edge (Steel Infused Rubber Sectional Edge)

The Fusion Edge is brand new type of cutting edge for containment snow plows.  High-abrasion-resistant-steel is infused directly into the rubber cutting edge of the plow.  This combination allows the snow pusher to both scrape hard pack snow and squeegee wet heavy snow.  The Fusion comes in 24″ sections which flex and contour to the plowing surface.  The short sections are also beneficial if one is damaged, it can be easily replaced.  Steel is infused on both sides of the edge, meaning that when one side is worn, the edge can be flipped and used.  However, changing out sections on  this new snow plow should be uncommon.  During testing the Fusion Edge saw 350-500 hours of heavy use before needing replacement.


Fast Attack Shoes (Change Snow Plow Edge Depth In Seconds)

On standard rubber edge containment snow plows, adjusting the cutting edge can sometimes take longer than desired.  With the Fast Attack Shoes, cutting edge depth can be made within seconds.  Operators simply pull the pin on either side of the shoe and place in the desired slot.  As the edge wears the shoe can be easily adjusted.  The Fast Attack Shoes are also designed to help operators maintain a level pushing position.


Pro Float Coupler (Conform To Surface Variations And Your Machine)

Floating couplers on a snow plow can allow the cutting edge to better contour to the surface and gives the operator more control. While there are other snow pushers on the market that have floating couplers, they typically only up and down. The Pro Float coupler not only moves up and down but also sideways and oscillates. This additional movement allows the plow to freely float without obstruction, improving surface outcome. Does your company ever switch machines from season to season? Maybe you want to use the Fusion on several types of machines throughout the winter? The Pro Float Coupler’s bolt-on design allows you to do just that. Choose from several connection options including CAT Fusion, CAT IT, JRB, Euro, Universal, and post style. Unlike other sectional snow pushers, the Pro Float Coupler has no pushing or stacking limitations.

The Fusion Edge Sno Pusher is currently available in 12′, 14′, and 16′ models for loader and 10′ and 12′ models for compact wheel loaders, backhoes, and skid steers.  As with all Pro-Tech Sno Pushers, the Fusion comes with a 10 year warranty.