November 28, 2018

[NEW PRODUCT] Pro Cleat Skid Steer Snow Tires

Pedal To The Metal But Not Moving

Is your skid steer experiencing “slippage” when plowing snow during the winter.  It’s a common problem among snow and ice professionals.  Most skid steers are equipped with standard landscaping tires that when used for snow removal offer poor results.  The  tires don’t provide enough  grip on the slippery surface and their wide profile often rides over the snow.  This lackluster performance is even more apparent when adding a massive pile of snow to the front of your machine.

It’s for these reasons that Pro-Tech has decided to create the Pro Cleats, a skid steer snow tire specifically designed for snow removal.


While not often considered, the width of your skid steer tire can significantly affect the speed of your snow removal efforts. Common skid steer tires, which typically have a wider width (10”-14”) can sometimes get “bogged” down in the snow. This wide profile can also limit the tires ability to cut through the snow and make quick turns when needed. The Pro Cleat’s narrow tire base (7”) solves these problems by giving your skid steer nearly double the ground pressure, allowing you to maneuver through the snow with ease.

Tread Pattern

A skid steer tire designed for use in landscaping or construction applications may under-perform in the winter. Inadequate tires and a plow overflowing with snow can result in spinning tires and a frustrated operator. The tread pattern on the Pro-Cleat was designed specifically for use in snow, giving your skid steer an incredible grip on the plowing surface and helping you to improve your productivity

Tire Compound

The Pro Cleat’s exclusive rubber compound is formulated to stay flexible in cold temperatures in snow and ice. Like all our products, the Pro Cleats are proudly molded in the USA.


The Pro Cleat can be used on most skid steer models that have a standard 8 bolt pattern.  For more details and to buy your Pro Cleats today please visit our product page.