January 15, 2019

Best Skid Steer Snow Pusher For Your Machine

skid steer snow pusher

Just like skid steers, there are many snow pusher and snow plow options.  Which skid steer snow pusher is best for you?

As with many things in life, choosing the best snow pusher or snow plow for your skid steer can be a difficult decision.  Whether you own a snow removal company, are a property manager, or even simply a homeowner, purchasing new equipment is a significant investment.  Selecting the wrong skid steer snow pusher or snow plow can result in underwhelming performance and frustrated customers, employees, and even yourself.  So where do you start?  What factors should you consider and what makes one type of snow pusher better than another?  On this page, you’ll find everything you need to know about selecting the right piece of snow removal equipment for your skid steer.


Know Your Skid Steer

We all love our skid steers, even the ones well past their prime (sometimes they even work better than the new machines).  The truth is that not all skid steers are created equal.  Some customers think that their Bobcat T450 (61 hp) can push just as much snow as a CAT 272D2 (110 hp).  It’s important to be realistic about what your skid steer can handle when plowing snow.  Always check the horsepower requirements of any snow pusher or snow plow before making a purchase.  Make sure that the connection type of your skid loader and snow removal attachment are compatible.  For example, some customers purchase snow pushers without realizing their Bobcat skid steer has a mini-Bobcat quick attach instead of a standard connection.

Skid Steer Tires Or Tracks

There is an ongoing debate among snow removal professionals about which is better, tires or tracks.  Those who dislike tracks often complain about difficulty moving over hard packed snow and especially ice.  Others disagree and believe that the right pair of skid steer tracks can perform significantly better than a pair of standard tires.  While what works best is often operator preference, an absolute fact is that most skid steer tires underperform when plowing snow.

Most skid steer tires are not designed for snow plowing.  Their lack of aggressive tread pattern and wide profile results in “slippage” and a poor surface grip when plowing large piles of snow.  If you plan on sticking with tires, your best option is to purchase a skid steer tire specifically designed for snow.  Whether it’s Wolf Paws, Kage Klaws, or Pro Cleats (we like these best, wink, wink); these skid steer snow tires provide several benefits.  First, their narrow profile allows the tires to cut through the snow and second, the aggressive tread pattern allows the tire to “suck” to the surface.  Even the rubber compound is formulated for cold weather.   Tighter turns and better traction are the reasons why you should consider snow tires for your skid steer.

skid steer snow pusher
Bobcat with tracks

skid steer snow pusher
CASE Skid Steer with snow tires

Plowing Different Types Of Snow

Snow removal should be approached differently depending on where you reside.  Plowing snow in Buffalo, NY is different than Kansas City, MO.  Before deciding on the best skid steer snow pusher, consider how much snowfall you receive on an annual basis, during an average storm, and the consistency of the snow.  As mentioned above, consider the horsepower of your machine, the weight of the snow pusher, and the weight of the snow pile being pushed.  A skid loader with an 8-foot snow plow might perform great in 2 inches of snow.  However, if you add 12 inches of snow the performance might be less than satisfactory.

Rubber edge snow pushers work best in wet, heavy snow.  The edge acts as a squeegee on the plowing surface and is often rigid enough to remove hard pack snow.  Most rubber edge snow pushers are easy to use and cost less than more complicated models.  It’s for these reasons why the skid steer rubber edge snow pusher is still the most popular type of containment snow plow.

For customers with a little bit more money to spend and a desire to reduce salt usage, steel edge snow pushers are a popular option.  These types of snow plows work best on heavily trafficked properties where snow is difficult to remove from the surface.


Surface And Property Type

When selecting the best snow plow or snow pusher for your skid steer, remember that every property is different.  For snow removal, skid steers are used most commonly in two ways.  The first is accompanying wheel loaders and other big machines and the second is as a stand-alone tool, clearing snow from small properties.  Consider the application and how your snow pusher is being used.  If your skid steer is being used for strictly cleanup, then a simple rubber edge snow pusher might be the best option.  Does the property require you to clear snow from loading docks, parking spots, and up against walls?  If so, a back-drag edge should be added to the snow pusher.


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Customers should also consider the type of surface they are plowing.  Gravel and damaged asphalt surfaces are best plowed with a rubber edge snow pusher.  Steel edge snow pushers are best suited for new asphalt and concrete.  Did you know that Pro-Tech makes different skid steer snow pusher wear shoes for different applications?  Super Duty wear shoes are double the wear life of our standard wear shoes.  They are especially popular when plowing concrete surfaces.  Concrete is more abrasive than asphalt and can wear-down a snow plow shoe faster.  Another shoe option is Pro-Tech’s Poly (UHMW) Shoe, which is specifically designed for sensitive surfaces such as parking garage membranes and pavers.

Watch this video to see all of the shoes options Pro-Tech offers:

Operator Experience

Let’s face it, the plowing skills of employees can vary greatly.  I’ve seen it all, from snow plowing veterans that could plow a property blindfolded to a sub that can barely drive.  Operator experience should play a major role in what snow removal attachments you purchase.  It’s one of the reasons why the rubber edge snow pusher is still the best-selling containment snow plow in North America.  The basic snow pusher is simple, easy to use, and in Pro-Tech’s case, extremely durable.  There are very few moving parts on a skid steer snow pusher with a rubber edge.  Are you new to snow plowing?  Do your employees have a habit of being rough on equipment?  Then the basic rubber edge snow pusher is probably best for you.


If you and your team are experienced operators, then you might want to consider other skid steer snow pusher options.   However, the more complicated the plow the more money you will spend at purchase and in maintenance.


Snow Plow or Snow Pusher

Skid steer snow pushers have been the dominant attachment for snow removal.  As the number of commercial locations and overall property sizes grew in the ’80s and ’90s, more and more skid steers began dropping their bucket and connecting to a snow pusher.  In recent years, hydraulic angle snow plows have also become a favorable option.  Unlike snow pushers, hydraulic skid steer snow plows can windrow snow.  Many snowplows on the market also come with hydraulic wings that can adjust to contain, windrow, and even back drag snow.  This increased functionality comes at a premium with many of these plows costing double or sometimes triple the cost of a basic rubber edge snow pusher.

Can a hydraulic skid steer snow plow increase your productivity?  Possibly.  However, in many situations, a skid steer snow pusher is just as effective.  After factoring in purchase and maintenance costs, many snow removal contractors opt in for a simple rubber snow pusher or steel edge model.

So, which one is best?  In the end, the answer is definitively both.  It really depends on operator preferences and your response to the above factors. Take the time and do your research.  Know your business and know your property.  And ultimately at the end of the day as long as you choose a Pro-Tech product you will have made the right decision (wink, wink).


skid steer snow pusher
Bobcat S650 skid steer with snow pusher

skid steer snow pusher
Skid Steer with Sno Blade


The Best Snow Pusher For Your Skid Steer

We wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t pitch Pro-Tech products to you.  Below are the skid steer snow pusher models we offer and why you might want to add them to your fleet.


rubber edge sno pusher

Rubber Edge Sno Pusher

This skid steer snow pusher is the king, the numero uno, the OG.  Easy to use, extremely durable, and comes with an adjustable rubber cutting edge that squeegees the plowing surface.  Perfect for wet heavy snow.  A favorite among snow plowing professionals of all experiences.  Customers have been pairing their skid steer with this snow pusher for over 20 years.


Pullback Sno Pusher

Pullback Sno Pusher

Decrease or even eliminate the need to shovel or use smaller equipment on your property.  The back-drag edge or “pullback” feature on this snow pusher can significantly bump up productivity.  Perfect for lots with tight areas and commonly used on loading docks, in between parking spots, and more.

steel edge sno pusher

Steel Edge Sno Pusher

Ideal for those heavily trafficked parking lots that receive hard packed snow and ice.  Pro-Tech’s design is different than most steel edge snow pushers on the market.  Instead of complicated metal components, we use a polyurethane spring that acts as the trip mechanism for the steel edge.  It is salt and chemical resistant and the simple design reduces maintenance common with other plows.


Fusion Edge Sno Pusher

Fusion Edge Sno Pusher

Pro-Tech’s NEW skid steer snow pusher was so popular upon launch that it sold out before winter even started.  The Fusion Edge features an industry first steel-infused rubber cutting edge.  This new edge style both squeegees the surface while also clearing hardpack snow and ice.  In addition, the Fusion Edge features an industry first coupler and wear shoe.  Honestly, there are so many exciting features it’s easier to just go check it out for yourself.

  • Available in 10′, and 12′ widths
  • Perfect blend of performance and ease of use
  • Squeegees wet heavy snow and scrapes hardpack
  • Floating coupler contours to surface
  • Industry-first shoe design makes adjustments easy
  • Click here to see specifications, pricing and more


skid steer snow plow

Sno Blade

At Pro-Tech we are big believers in the KISS principle and making products that are built like tanks.  The Sno Blade is a perfect representation of this philosophy.  The Sno Blade uses the same structural steel channel found in our snow pushers.  The bolt-on wings are set at the perfect angle where they can both windrow and contain snow.  Pair this snow plow with your skid steer and use as a stand-alone tool or to compliment your existing fleet.

  • Available in 8′, and 10′ widths
  • Steel edge scrapes and cleans difficult snow
  • Wings allow blade to contain and windrow
  • Oscillating coupler moves with surface
  • Blade pivots left and right
  • Perfect as stand-alone tool or part of a fleet
  • Click here to see specifications, pricing and more


pro cleat skid steer snow tire

Pro Cleats

While these are not a snow plow, they can certainly improve your plowing.  The Pro Cleat skid steer snow tires are specifically designed for commercial plowing.  Most stock skid steer tires lack the aggressive tread pattern and narrow profile to cut through the snow and grip the slippery surface.

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