May 28, 2019

Backhoe Snow Pusher: Top 7 Things You Should Consider Before Buying

backhoe snow pusher

Is your team gearing up for another winter?  If you plan on adding a backhoe snow pusher to your fleet, this article will help you to make the right decision.  While not as popular as loaders and skid steers for snow removal, the backhoe snow pusher combination is still used by many companies.

A backhoe offers several features that snow plow companies love.  First is the torque, which allows the machine to easily handle various snow conditions.  The visibility in a backhoe is also superior to that of a skid steer.  Being able to see out of all four sides of the cab and sitting in a higher position, especially when backing up, can be a real benefit of using a backhoe compared to a skid steer.

An additional benefit is the reach that a backhoe provides when stacking snow or piling into the back of a truck.  Some customers also find backhoe snow pushers easier to drive from site to site.  If you are still in the process of buying a backhoe, some popular makes are JCB, John Deere, Caterpillar, and New Holland.

So, which backhoe snow pusher is right for you?  What should you know before making a purchase?  Here are seven things we think you should consider:



  • Backhoes offer more visibility and reach than skid steers
  • Consider the type of property you are plowing (concrete, asphalt, stone/gravel)
  • What type of surface outcome does the customer expect? Zero tolerance?
  • What is your backhoe’s horsepower? Make sure your snow pusher isn’t oversized
  • As a customer are you focused on price or quality?


#1 Property Type

The type of property you are plowing will play heavily into what type of snow pusher you need.  If the parking lot consists of gravel or stone, a rubber edge snow pusher is the best option.  The rubber edge will help you to clear snow without displacing the aggregate.  Few things are worse than having to rake and replace stone and gravel that has been plowed into the grass during winter.  If you are plowing on asphalt or concrete both rubber edge and steel edge snow pushers can be a viable option. However, those wanting to use a steel edge backhoe snow pusher on concrete should be aware that the harder, more abrasive surface can wear edges faster than asphalt.

A third option brand new to the industry is the Pro-Tech Fusion Edge.  Featuring steel infused rubber, the Fusion gives you qualities of both rubber and steel plowing edges.  This edge has also been successfully tested on gravel and stone surfaces.

#2 Surface Outcome

What are the expectations of your customer?  Do you have zero tolerance properties that require no snow left on the surface or is there some flexibility?  A backhoe snow pusher with a rubber edge will work very well in most situations.  However, there are some instances when a rubber snow pusher cannot clear the hard pack snow and ice that has been created by heavy traffic.  If your customer expects a perfectly groomed parking lot, a steel edge or Fusion Edge are options you should consider.

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#3 Horsepower

A backhoe with an oversized snow plow or snow pusher is a losing combination.  Make sure your backhoe snow pusher is the best fit for the horsepower of your machine.  At Pro-Tech, our backhoe snow pushers come in sizes of 10ft, 12ft, and 14ft and are compatible with machines that have horsepowers ranging from 50hp and higher.  Customers should also think about the average amount of snow their area receives and its consistency.  Remember, every area is different.  Your machine might be able to handle a larger snow pusher if you are only pushing in several inches of snow.

Customers should also consider the size of the parking lot being plowed.  The difference in containment between a 10ft and 14ft is 4 yards of snow.  Is your backhoe snow pusher the right size for your property or do you run the risk of being undersized and overwhelmed when a big storm hits?

#4 Connection Type

Some backhoe manufacturers now offer quick-coupler style connections.  These couplers allow operators to quickly remove their bucket and switch attachments without ever having to leave the cab.  A backhoe snow pusher typically connects to a machine using a post style/chain connection that binders to the backhoe’s bucket.  This new quick-coupler style can possibly save customers time and hassle, especially if you often switch between attachments.  Ask the snow pusher manufacturer you are considering whether they offer this as an option.


#5 Price Vs Quality

There are many backhoe snow pusher options available to you as a consumer.  At Pro-Tech, we often say, “Pay now or pay later.” This refers to the fact that if you purchase cheap equipment, it might work now, but will not have the longevity of a quality piece of equipment.  That’s why Pro-Tech takes the approach of having the perfect mix of quality and price.  We strive to offer the most durable attachments in the industry at a price that won’t break the bank.  However, if you are someone that can only afford low-priced attachments, there are options out there.

Highlights of using Pro-Tech Sno Pushers:

    • 10-year warranty
    • Uses structural steel channel – incredible durability
    • Full welded seams – enhances durability and prevents corrosion
    • Triangular gussets – provide additional strength to side plates
    • Dealer Support – large stocking dealer network for parts and service

#6  Backhoe Snow Pusher  Shoes

Some snow pusher manufacturers offer specialty wear shoes.  These shoes often increase the longevity and performance of your snow pusher and can also be designed for specific applications.  For example, Pro-Tech’s Super Duty Wear Shoes provide twice the wear life as our standard shoes.  Our Self Leveling Shoes aid you in maintaining a level pushing position and our Poly (UHMW) Shoe has a poly bottom, which minimizes surface friction and is perfect for parking garage membranes, pavers, and other sensitive surfaces.

Check with your snow pusher manufacturer to find out what options they offer.

#7  Snow Pusher Options

We wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t try and convince you to purchase a backhoe snow pusher from Pro-Tech.  However, we understand that what works for one company might not work for another.  As always, do your research and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Here are some other non-Pro-Tech options you might come across in your search:

Boss Snow Plows


Express Steel


We appreciate your interest in Pro-Tech products.  Good luck in your search.

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