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Average annual snowfall: 30″ – 40″
Sno Pusher type: Rubber Edge Sno Pushers: 8′ Skidsteer, 10′ Skidsteer, 12′ Loader, 14′ Loader
Equipment: 6 Skidsteers, 2 Loaders

This is a case study of a medium sized landscaping and snow removal firm northern New Jersey. Chris James Landscaping (CJL) is a long time user of Pro-Tech Sno Pushers. They own at least 8 pushers ranging from 8 to 14 ft. which they use primarily in commercial parking lot clearing applications. This case study provides an analysis of the efficiency and profitability that Sno Pushers create over traditional windrowing methods in lot clearing applications. It aims to show the ease and speed with which parking lots, runways, ramps and industrial sites can be cleared completely and cleanly using Pro-Tech’s containment plows.

CJL operates primarily in the green industry doing approximately 75% of their business during the summer season. In the winter they employ 23 people and work with 2 subcontractors to handle their snow contracts. They manage between 12 and 14 commercial lots each winter season, covering both large and small commercial lots. They own and operate a full fleet of snow removal equipment including; a ¾ ton truck with a blower, several 1 ton trucks with sanders, several large skidsteer loaders, 1 Cat 936 loader and 1 Volvo L90 loader. For their skidsteers they own (1) 8ft Pro-Tech Skidsteer Sno Pusher (SP08S) and (5) 10ft. Pro-Tech Skidsteer Sno Pushers (SP10S). For their loaders they own (1) 12ft. Pro-Tech Loader Sno Pusher (SP12L) and (1) 14 ft Pro-Tech Loader Sno Pusher (SP14L).

The site analyzed in this study is a 4 acre parking lot of an office and manufacturing facility in Northern New Jersey. The lot is fairly clear of obstructions but the facility operates 24/7 and therefore is perpetually filled. It allows for several 100+yd long pushes though this can become difficult in deep or wet snow conditions. The annual snow fall in the region ranges between 30”-40” usually distributed in 6-8 snow events and 6-8 ice events. The snow events are usually between 3-6” and are typically very wet, heavy snow.
Before: CJL has been clearing this lot for many years and has been able to provide a comparison of his methods and efficiency. Formerly in a typical snow fall a Cat 922 loader equipped with an 1.5 yd. bucket, and an International Truck equipped with a 10ft. 2 way road plow were assigned to the site. The truck would be used to windrow the site while the loader was employed in cleanup operations. This process took 3+ hours in a typical 4” snow fall and employed two operators. This equates to 6+ man hours and between 40,000-60,000 sqft. cleared an hour.

After: For 10 years CJL has used a 14ft. snow pusher mounted on a Volvo L90 loader to clear this site. With this single machine and operator the lot is cleared in 1.5-2 hrs. in a typical 4” in snow fall. The 14ft. pusher allows the operator to cleanly clear the entire rows space rows of parked cars. The containment properties of the pusher keep the snow from piling up at the sides of the aisles, which keeps cleanup to a minimum. Even in ice conditions where salt and chemical snow melt has to be used the rubber edge of the pusher, which is beneficial in wastewater management applications ,can be used to squeegee the surface so that it does not refreeze and cause slip and fall accidents. This is accomplished in only 2 man hours and at a clearing rate of 90,000 sqft/hr. This represents a 66% decrease in man hours.

  • For 4” snow events CJL was able to achieve average removal rates of 7.5 mins/in/acre or 90,000 sq. ft./hr.
  • A 14’ Loader Sno Pusher provided a 66% decrease in man hours over windrowing under 4” snow conditions
  • Using a 14’ Loader Sno Pusher, CJL was able to achieve net profit margins of 25%.
  • CJL demonstrated that a 14 ft. pusher get 20,000 sq ft./ hr. better then a truck with a traditional plow.

“I don’t think there is a plow that can out plow a Sno Pusher. “
“We were hired by another place because of the reputation we developed using Pushers on this lot.”
“I like the fact that they are mistake proof.”
“I love the lack of moving parts on the pushers; I still have my first Pusher.”

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