Diamond Snow Pushers


Average annual snowfall: 49.5″
Sno Pusher Type: Super Duty: 16′ Loader; Pullback: 8′ Skidsteer
Equipment: 1 Loader, 2 Skidsteers

This is a case study of a small snow removal firm based near Minneapolis, Minnesota. Diamond Snow Pushers have recently begun using Pro-Tech products including a 16 ft. Super Duty Sno Pusher which they chose because of its durability and its 31yd. snow capacity. They also utilize Pro-Tech’s unique Pullback skidsteer models which allow for the pusher to be tilted forward and used to pull snow away in tight areas. This study demonstrates the efficiency and profitability that can be achieved by using Sno Pushers in areas where traditional windrowing only shifts the snow rather then moving it off site such as parking lots, runways, ramps and large industrial sites. Pushers are ideally suited to these types of sites as they allow the site to be cleared completely of snow far faster, and far cleaner then traditional plowing methods.

Diamond Snow Pushers is a division of Diamond Enterprise Holdings Inc. which was founded in 2002, and began snow removal operations in the 2006-2007 winter season. Their snow removal operations employ 3 people, one of which handles their largest contract while the other two are on call for heavy snowfall events. For snow removal they own a Fiat-Allis 745 HB Loader and (2) Bobcat S175 skidsteer loaders. The loader is equipped with a Pro-Tech 16 ft Super Duty Sno Pusher (SD16L), and the Bobcats each use an 8 ft Pro-Tech Skid Steer Pullback Sno Pusher (PB08S).

The site analyzed in this study is a large church parking lot populated with a significant number of landscaped islands, trees, lamp poles, and curbs. It is between 13-14 acres with its three longest push runs at 400, 500, 700 ft respectively. The gaps between obstructions are 20-24ft. The site is typically empty during plowing events and the snow is usually unpacked which eases removal. Annual average snowfall on the site is 49.5”/yr. The 2006-2007 season saw 44” spread across 7 snow events. These included 2 snow falls of 12+” and 5 events between 1”-4”. Snow in this region ranges from light powder to heavy slush.


Before: The 2006-2007 winter season was the first season Diamond Snow Pushers had with this lot. However, we were able to gather data on what previous companies used to plow the site. They used as many as 5 pickup trucks with standard reversible blade truck plows mounted on the front to windrow the lot. This took approximately 6 hours for a typical 4” snowfall. This equates to as much as 30 man and equipment hours.
After: Diamond was able to achieve clearing time at least as fast as previous contractors in the same snow conditions; however they were able to do so using only 1 operator and two machines. They used their large loader and Super Duty containment plow to handle long pushes and clear the bulk of the lot, and their Pullback models mounted on Skid Steers for cleanup around the islands and in the corners. In a similar 4” snowfall Diamond take 5.2 hours to plow but this would represent only 5.2 man and equipment hours. In terms of hours this represents an 83% decrease in man hours.


    • For 4” snow events Diamond was able to achieve average removal rates of 6 mins/in/acre or 113,088 sq. ft./hr.
    • For 12+” snow falls Diamond was able to achieve average removal rates of 13 mins/in/acre
    • Pushers provided an 83% decrease in man hours over windrowing under 4” snow conditions
    • Using a Sno Pusher, Diamond was able to achieve gross profit margins of 51%.

“Our snow pusher got the job done much faster than I initially projected”

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