Grand Targhee Resort


Average annual snowfall: 500″
Sno Pusher type: Rubber Edge Sno Pushers: 16′ Loader
Equipment: 1 Loader

This is a case study of a mid sized ski resort located in Alta, Wyoming. Grand Targhee Resort (GTR) has to deal with deep snow falls throughout the long winter season and keep its parking lots clear for guests visiting this resort. For this task they own (1) 16 ft. rubber edged Pro-Tech Sno Pusher combined with several other pieces of equipment. This study examines the efficiency gained by GTR when they began using the Sno Pusher in their snow removal operations several years ago. It shows the savings that can be achieved using a Sno Pusher in private snow clearing operations in areas with heavy snowfall over a long winter season.


GTR is a medium sized ski resort with 120 acres of base camp area including 3 base lodges, 5 lifts and multiple rental outlets scattered around the mountain. They handle 150,000 skiers each season. For their snow removal operations they employ 4 people to operate (1) truck equipped with a six way straight plow, (1) motor grader for the mountain road, (1) Snow Blast blower, (1) Aebi Hydrostatic machine, (1) Cat 930 Loader equipped with a Henke V-Blade, (1) Cat 287 all terrain track vehicle, (1) Cat 914 loader, and (1) Cat 938 Loader equipped with a 16 ft. Pro-Tech Sno Pusher (SP16L).

The site analyzed in this study consists of several parking lots located on the mountain of the ski resort. All together the parking lots consist of 10 acres of heavily obstructed parking areas. There are almost always cars on site when plowing in addition to the other natural obstructing created by the location. The area receives upward of 500 inches of snow each year in more then 100 snow events. Snow events range from 2”- 50” with an average snowfall considered to be around 6”. The snow is nearly always light dry powder as is typical of the high mountain regions of Wyoming.

Before: For their main parking lot snow removal operations, GTR used to use 3 men operating a farm tractor equipped with an angle plow and (2) Cat loaders equipped with buckets. The snow removal operations consisted of having the loaders move snow into the wider areas away from cars where it could be windrowed by the tractor out of the way. For a typical 6” snow fall this would take 6 hours and use all three employees. This adds to total of 18 man and equipment hours or 1.8 man hours/acre.
After: For several years GTR has replaced one of its loader buckets with a 16 ft. rubber edged Pro-Tech Sno Pusher. They now use (1) Cat 938 loader equipped with the Pusher, (1) Cat 930 Loader equipped with a Henke V-Blade, and (1) Cat 914 loader equipped with an angle plow. Substituting the Loader for the tractor and bringing in a Pro-Tech Sno Pusher has made a significant difference in plow time. Plowing still requires a 3 man team, but now takes only 3 hours for a total of 9 man and equipment hours. This equates to .9 man hours/acre, a 50% decrease over the previous method of plowing.


  • Adding a Pro-Tech Sno Pusher allowed TGR to decrease plow time by 50%
  • The Pro Tech Pusher increased production times from 1.8 man hours/acre, to .9 man hours/acre.
  • Adding the pusher increased production rate of the plow team from 24,200 ft2/man hour to 48,400 ft2/man hour

“I bought my first one (Sno Pusher) 12 years ago when I was working at another mountain. It’s still in use.”
“ You can do the same job with 1 loader that you used to do with 2”
“Its simple and easy”
“I can take it on and off very easily.”

Grant Fleming
Director of Mt. Operations
Grand Targhee Resort
3300 East Ski Hill Rd.
Alta, WY 83414