Royal Turf Chemical Lawn Care


Average annual snowfall: 30″
Sno Pusher type: 8’ Pull Back Skid Steer Pusher, 12’ Skid Steer Pusher
Equipment: 2 Pushers

This case illustrates the effectiveness of the Pull Back Sno Pusher in sites with garage doors or loading docks. Royal Turf, in Stirling, NJ, has reduced their man hours by 64% on a condominium site by replacing skid steer and backhoe buckets with a Pull Back Sno Pusher to move snow away from doors.


Royal Turf Chemical Lawn Care is a business specializing in chemical lawn services such as weed and insect control. It has been working in snow removal since 1983 and snow removal currently comprises 10% of its business. It works several multifamily condos around the Stirling, New Jersey area. Its snow removal fleet consists of 3 skid steers (Cat 262, JD 260 and Bobcat 873), 3 GMC pickups with straight blade plows, and a Ford 555 Backhoe. Its Pro-Tech Sno Pushers are an 8’ Pull Back Skid Steer Pusher (PB08S) and a 12’ Skid Steer Pusher (SP08S).

Royal Turf removes snow from the Spring Ridge Condominiums. The lots are 5 acres and receive approximately 30” of snow in about five storms over the winter. The snow is typically wet and heavy. The condos are situated in a horseshoe pattern with the parking lot in the middle of the horseshoe, with a cul-de-sac in the middle of each lot. Each condo has a garage door which must be cleared. There are 8’ islands between every four garages so snow can only be removed by pulling it directly away from the garages. Snow must be moved to an access road from which it is cleared into piles at designated areas. There are cars on the lot while it is being cleared.


Before: Prior to using Sno Pushers, Royal Turf would use 3 pickups with straight blade plows, 2 skid steers with buckets, and a backhoe to clear the lots. The buckets of the skid steers and backhoe would be used to clear the snow away from the garage doors. This was a very time consuming process due to the limited capacity of the buckets. The snow would be piled at the ends of the islands and cleared to the access roads by the trucks. The snow would then be stacked by the buckets in designated areas on the front lawns. This process would take up to 11 hours with 6 men, requiring a total of 66 man hours to clear the lot.

After: Royal Turf now clears the lot with its Cat 262 with the 8’ Pullback Pusher, its John Deere 260 with the 12’ Sno Pusher and one of its pickups with a straight blade plow. Due to the large capacity of the Pullback Sno Pusher, a path can be cleared away from the garage doors in one pass and remaining snow can be cleared by making passes in front of the garage doors. The snow is then cleared to the access road and moved to designated areas by the SP12S. The rubber edge of the Sno Pusher and the Pullback blade easily clears the wet, heavy snow. This process takes 8 hours and 3 employees, requiring a total of 24 man hours. With the addition of two skid steer Sno Pushers, Royal Turf was able to reduce its man hours by 64% and use 3 fewer units to clear the lot.

“The difference was incredible. I was able to free up two trucks and a backhoe with just one pusher.”
“Pro-Tech is far superior to the competition.”
“Extremely satisfied”

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