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A New Snow Pusher From Pro-Tech – The Fusion Edge Sno Pusher – Incredible Surface Outcome, Ease of Use, and Unparalleled Durability

Since its unveiling several weeks ago, the Fusion Edge Sno Pusher has been creating a great deal of buzz throughout the snow and ice industry.  This new snow pusher for skidsteers and loaders has several industry-first features that will help to improve plow performance and ease-of-use compared to other containment snowplows. The main components of […]

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Pro-Tech’s “Sno Fighters” Campaign Pays Tribute to Snow Plow Professionals

Sno Fighters Campaign

  Pro-Tech’s yearly Sno Fighters campaign is once again wrapping up as the winter season comes to an end.  The yearly campaign focuses on promoting the  important work that snow plow professionals or “Sno Fighters” play in their communities.  Close to 150 snow and ice management companies participated during this winter season. To participate, companies […]

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Wedge vs Post: Things To Know About Your Snow Pusher’s Sides

Snow Pusher Sideplate

  Highlights: Snow Pusher sideplate supports help to hold the sides in position if an obstacle is struck Two most common kinds are post and wedge style Wedge distributes forces over a greater area of the sideplate, post style is concentrated in only one or two areas Wedge protects the most vulnerable area of sideplate: […]

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Which Snow Pusher Coupler Is Best For You?

Snow Pusher Coupler

Highlights: Snow Pushers come with either post style or rigid mount connections Post style is commonly used on loader and backhoe models but rigid amount connection options are available Post style connections allow the Sno Pusher to move with the surface and shift if obstacles are hit Post style connections are secured to prime mover […]

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The Best Selling Snow Pusher in North America

rubber edge snow pusher

The Rubber Edge Sno Pusher has been the best selling containment plow in North America for over 20 years.  To celebrate this achievement Pro-Tech is running a marketing campaign highlighting the benefits of this snow pusher and why thousands of snow and ice management companies use them on their properties.  The Rubber Edge Sno Pusher […]

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Top 5 Reasons to Use a Steel Edge Sno Pusher Over The Competition

steel edge sno pusher

  Top 5 Reasons To Use The Steel Edge Sno Pusher Over The Competition   The use of steel edge containment plows throughout the industry continues to increase, mostly because of the desire for an improved surface outcome.  Customers have a multitude of options when choosing the best steel edge containment plow for their company. […]

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Pro-Tech Sno Pushers Used for Farming and Other Agricultural Applications

Industries outside of snow and ice find value in using snow pushers  When the word “snowplow” or “snow pusher” is used the first thing that typically comes to mind is winter and snow.  However, there are several industries outside of snow and ice management that are finding success in using Pro-Tech Sno Pushers.  Companies in […]

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Sno Pusher Wear Shoe Options

Sno Pusher Wear Shoe Options

In this video we discuss the different options available to customers for the wear shoes/skis on their Pro-Tech Sno Pusher. For more information on the wear shoes available for your Sno Pusher please visit Standard Wear Shoe Abrasion and impact resist and through-hardened, which allows for consistent wear over the entire life of the […]

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How to Connect Your Sno Pusher

How to Connect a Snow Pusher

  Hooking up your snow pusher may seem like a simple procedure.  However, the way you connect the snow pusher to its prime mover plays an important role in its performance and the safety of the operator.   In this video we discuss how to properly connect your Pro-Tech Sno Pusher to a loader/backhoe and skidsteer.

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NEW FEATURE: Pin-On Coupler for Turf Pusher

Turf Pusher Coupler

  In 2017, the Turf Pusher will come standard with a pin-on coupler.  This design will give customers increased versatility by allowing them to swap out different coupler plates to adapt to the required prime mover.  Customers simply remove several locking pins on the rear of the Turf Pusher and switch out the coupler plate.  […]

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