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Sno Pusher Wear Shoe Options

Sno Pusher Wear Shoe Options

In this video we discuss the different options available to customers for the wear shoes/skis on their Pro-Tech Sno Pusher. For more information on the wear shoes available for your Sno Pusher please visit Standard Wear Shoe Abrasion and impact resist and through-hardened, which allows for consistent wear over the entire life of the […]

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How to Connect Your Sno Pusher

How to Connect a Snow Pusher

  Hooking up your snow pusher may seem like a simple procedure.  However, the way you connect the snow pusher to its prime mover plays an important role in its performance and the safety of the operator.   In this video we discuss how to properly connect your Pro-Tech Sno Pusher to a loader/backhoe and skidsteer.

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NEW FEATURE: Pin-On Coupler for Turf Pusher

Turf Pusher Coupler

  In 2017, the Turf Pusher will come standard with a pin-on coupler.  This design will give customers increased versatility by allowing them to swap out different coupler plates to adapt to the required prime mover.  Customers simply remove several locking pins on the rear of the Turf Pusher and switch out the coupler plate.  […]

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NEW PRODUCT: The Compact Wheel Loader Sno Pusher

Compact Wheel Loader Snow Pusher

  In 2017, Pro-Tech customers will be able to purchase a rubber edge snow pusher specifically designed for a compact wheel loader.  The Compact Wheel Loader Sno Pusher features a reinforced quick coupler that uses a unique compact wheel loader chassis that is built with the strength to be used with more powerful equipment.  This […]

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Pro-Tech Debuts Sno Fighters Campaign Video

sno fighter video

  Pro-Tech’s yearly Sno Fighters campaign focuses on paying tribute to snow and ice professionals.  These individuals often work long hours clearing snow, ensuring that their communities function even in the middle of a winter storm.  The contest gives snow and ice professionals (Sno Fighters) the opportunity to share pictures and video of how they […]

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Pro-Tech Launches 2016-17 Sno Fighters Contest

pro-tech snofighters

Pro-Tech’s yearly “Sno Fighters” campaign has returned for another season of contests, prizes, and paying tribute to snow and ice professionals.  Each winter Pro-Tech promotes the difficult and often under-appreciated job that snow and ice professionals do for their communities.  Pro-Tech recently launched, which provides details on how Sno Fighters can win prizes for […]

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Product Overview: The Pro-Tech Sno Blade

skidsteer sno blade

For over 20 years Pro-Tech has built a reputation for building innovative containment plows of the highest quality. That reputation continues with the latest addition to our product line: The Sno Blade. Built using the same structural steel found in our Sno Pushers, the Sno Blade is engineered specifically for use on skidsteers in heavy […]

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Top 5 Quality Features of a Sno Pusher

quality features of pro-tech

Pro-Tech has built a reputation for making products of the highest quality.  But what does that exactly mean?  There are numerous quality features found in our products but we narrowed it down to what we feel are the top five (in no particular order). Prime vs Commercial Steel At Pro-Tech we use only prime steel, […]

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Sno Basket – Lightweight Bucket for Easily Loading and Transporting Snow.

pro-tech sno basket

  The Sno Basket is a light weight bucket that allows for easy hauling of snow.  The slots on the bucket allow customers to  compress and collect the maximum amount of snow while also allowing water to escape when moving slushy snow.  The Sno Basket provides much greater capacity than a standard bucket  and is […]

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