Pro-Tech Sno Pusher

Steel Edge Sno Pusher in Action. Clear hard pack snow and ice. No restrictions.

The new and improved Steel Edge Sno Pusher effectively attacks all types of surfaces, especially those that are uneven or covered in hard packed snow.  Unlike other steel edge containment plows that have complicated trip […]

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Steel Edge Poly Hinge

Steel Edge Sno Pusher – Poly Hinge Overview

People often ask about the poly urethane used on Pro-Tech’s Steel Edge Sno Pushers.  President Michael Guggino discusses the use of this poly hinge and how it compares with traditional trip edge springs.  

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Pro-Tech Rubber

Pro-Tech Sno Pusher – Rubber Cutting Edge Overview

Pro-Tech’s President Michael Guggino discusses the rubber cutting edge on our Sno Pushers and why they are the best in the industry.

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Pro-Tech Wear Shoes

Pro-Tech Sno Pusher – Wear Shoes Overview

Pro-Tech’s President Michael Guggino discusses the wear shoes on our Sno Pushers and why they are the best in the industry.  

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V Plow Video

V Plow Sno Pusher in Action

The V Plow Sno Pusher is the perfect solution for clearing sidewalks. The V Plow has a classic “V” shape to split and windrow snow cleanly off of sidewalks. Pro-Tech offers the V Plow in […]

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Pro-Tech Turf Pusher

Keep Your Turf Sports Field Open During the Winter – The Pro-Tech Turf Pusher

The Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY was kind enough to let Pro-Tech film their on-campus snow removal process.  The temperature this day was holding steady at around 5 degrees!  As shown in the […]

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Pro-Tech Sno Pusher Video

Pro-Tech Salutes Snow and Ice Management Contractors

  As part of their yearly “Thank You” campaign, Pro-Tech has created a video paying tribute to snow and ice management contractors. The video shows a quick glimpse into the life of a “Sno Fighter” […]

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Bucket Clamp Connection

The Pro-Tech Bucket Clamp: Say Goodbye to Chain and Binder Kits

Pro-Tech introduces the Bucket Clamp, a new custom connection option for Pro-Tech Sno Pushers. The Bucket Clamp eliminates chains, shackles, and loose ratchet binders that can be difficult to maintain and also significantly decreases the average connection […]

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Turf Pusher Clearing Snow on Field

The Pro-Tech Turf Pusher in Action

This video was sent to us by King’s College in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania.  Here is what they had to say about the Turf Pusher: “We’ve tried PVC pipes, PVC pipes wrapped in rubber, rubber plow […]

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Pro-Tech News Story

Pro-Tech Featured in the News

  Pro-Tech recently had the opportunity to speak with a local news crew about our company’s success and the products we manufacture.  The story highlights Pro-Tech’s rise from humble beginnings, starting out in a residential […]

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