Custom Sno Pusher Options

Customize How You Plow

Whether  it’s for branding purposes or to improve your plowing performance, Pro-Tech offers several custom options to make your snow pusher/snow plow truly your own.

Wear Shoes

At Pro-Tech we know every property and operator is different.  That’s why we offer several wear shoe options for your snow pusher that can improve longevity and performance.

  • Super Duty Wear Shoe: Our Super Duty Shoes are easy to spot as they are painted blue.  What you can’t see is the high-quality material that is used to make every set.  All Super Duty shoes are made from the same bulletproof material used in armored vehicles.  These shoes are double the Brinell rating (hardness) of our already extremely durable standard wear shoes.  Perfect for:  Customers that commonly plow for very long periods each winter, also those who plow on concrete surfaces
  • Self Leveling Wear Shoe: Designed to keep your snow pusher level to the plowing surface.  The wear shoes extend 16 inches behind the rear of the snow pusher, making it difficult for the operator to “heel” or tip the snow pusher back when plowing.  Self Leveling Shoes can increase the overall lifespan of your shoes and cutting edges.  Maintaining level plowing position can also eliminate any snow “spillage” from the side of the plow.  Perfect for:  Customers that are both pros and new to plowing who want to ensure a level push and increase productivity
  • Poly Shoes (UHMW): Some properties that are made of sensitive materials require more attention when clearing snow.  Pro-Tech’s Poly Shoe is made of ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene which minimizes friction between the shoe and plowing surface.  The pads on the Poly Shoe can be easily replaced when worn.  Perfect for:  Properties that require delicate plowing such as pavers, parking garage membranes, etc.). 


All of Pro-Tech’s standard loader, backhoe, and compact tractor models come with a post style connection.  Skid Steer models come standard with a universal skid steer connection.  Some customers prefer to have their snow pusher fitted with a specific coupler style.  At Pro-Tech we can customize your  Sno Pusher with a number of connections such as Volvo, JRB, CAT IT, ACS, Balderson, CAT Fusion, Euro, and more.  Are you interested in applying a custom connection yourself?  Pro-Tech also offers snow pushers with “blank backs” meaning the back of the plow is flat, allowing you to weld on the coupler.

Is a custom connection the right fit for you?  Watch this video to find  out:


Does your company use specific colors on all of your equipment?  Pro-Tech can provide customers with many custom paint colors. We have painted products red, blue, white, green, even pink!

Sideplate  Branding

Take your company branding to the next level, even number your fleet for tracking purposes.  Pro-Tech’s plasma cutting services can cut custom designs into the side of your snow pusher.  Our engineering staff will work with you to decide on the best design to help promote your brand.


Customize Your Sno Pusher Now

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Begin Customizing Sno Pusher

Custom paint shop. Sideplate branding. Self leveling wear shoes

Loader Rubber Edge Sno Pusher with ACS coupler

30 ft Rubber Edge Sno Pushers with JRB418 couplers

Skid Steer Rubber Edge Sno Pushers with custom blue paint job and decals

Custom orange paint job with Self Leveling Wear Shoes

Foldout Sno Pusher with ACS coupler

Super Duty Sno Pusher with custom paint job

Rubber Edge Skid Steer Sno Pushers with sideplate branding and Self Leveling Wear Shoes

Backhoe Rubber Edge Sno Pusher with JRB E-series coupler and Self Leveling Wear Shoes

Steel Edge Sno Pushers with custom paint job and sideplate branding