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Pro-Tech Dealers in many cases provide the first impression that a customer has about our company and brand.  That first firm handshake, understanding the product, and being able to help meet a customer’s containment plow needs can help make a customer for life.  At Pro-Tech we make it a top priority to equip dealers with the right tools and training to help them effectively market and sell our product lines.


Turnkey Product


  • No garage space required
  • Sell to existing customers
  • Bring in new customers

Dealer Training

  • In-person sales and product training
  • Training videos, collateral, and owner’s guides available

Pro-Tech Brand


  • Market share leader
  • Large customer base
  • High dealer retention

Year Round Inventory

  • New units always being built
  • Most units ready to leave plant within a few days

Marketing Leadership

  • Advertising
  • Online marketing
  • Custom marketing materials for dealers

Logistical Expertise

  • Strong shipping lanes ensure product arrives when needed
  • Product design allows trucks to be optimized


Feedback from a few of  the dealers across North America that carry Pro-Tech.

“Pro-Tech goes to great lengths to educate dealers on their product.  They put forth more marketing, sales, and education effort than most companies I’ve seen in the industry.” — Frank Livas, President – Brake & Clutch and 48th President of NTEA

“Pro-Tech’s customer service is outstanding.  Their product is also by far the easiest product we sell and also produces the best margins.” — Jeff Morse, General Manager – Chappell Tractor Sales

“Adding Pro-Tech to our arsenal of sales tools has allowed us to reach more customers and most importantly it has helped to gain new relationships with customers who will eventually buy other products from us.” — Rob Woods, VP-Garden State Bobcat


ourbrandPro-Tech is the originator of the revolutionary Sno Pusher, which has been a staple in the snow and ice management industry since 1993.

Since that time, Pro-Tech has grown its product line with other innovative containment plows, all of which help customers successfully tackle all types of snow and surface conditions.

Pro-Tech is committed to producing products that are durable, fairly priced, and readily available.

Sno Pusher

The Sno Pusher product line encompasses the signature yellow containment plows Pro-Tech has been manufacturing since 1993.

This line offers a number of different models that address various surface conditions and lot types.  The Rubber Edge model is considered by many to be the most popular containment plow in the industry.

Turf Pusher

Introduced in 2014, the Turf Pusher is the first containment plow designed to clear snow away from turf sports fields. Already being used by a number of professional football teams and top colleges, the Turf Pusher’s demand is rapidly growing. The lightweight but durable unit smoothly glides over turf and field covers. Customers can now keep their sports fields operational at all times during the winter without having to worry about delays or cancellations caused by snowfall.


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