Foldout Tips and Tricks

Every winter, snow and ice professionals across the country are ticketed for driving their oversized loader and snow pusher down the road. Getting a ticket is never fun and in addition to making a safer operating experience, is why Pro-Tech created the Foldout Sno Pusher. The Foldout Sno Pusher folds to 8’ 6” which is road legal in most areas of the country. As the number of distracted drivers continue to rise, this snow pusher also lessens the risk of accidents. In addition to it’s on-road benefits, the Foldout Sno Pusher allows you to maneuver through difficult properties that have gates ,bollards, narrow passages, and other obstacles. As with all rubber edge snow pushers from Pro-Tech, the Foldout features our high-quality rubber cutting edge, which can help you to clear any surface. The Foldout Sno Pusher comes in sizes ranging from 14’ to 18’ for your loader and backhoe.


Owner’s Guide

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Specialty Items

Super Duty Shoe – Our Super Duty shoes are blue and made from Quard 550® (the same bullet-proof material used in armored vehicles) and are nearly double the Brinell rating of our standard shoes. They are also through-hardened to ensure a consistent hardness and even wear. Made from Quard 550®. Provides the highest wear characteristics and longest life. Double the Brinell rating of our standard wear shoes

Poly Shoe (UHMW) – Our Poly Shoe is a polycarbonate (UHMW) padded shoe, which is ideal for surfaces too sensitive for steel shoes. The poly material is slick and minimizes friction and wear to the plowing surface. The pads are replaceable. Great for parking garage membranes, pavers, etc.

Self Leveling Shoe – Our self-leveling shoes are designed to keep your Sno Pushers level to the plowing surface with an extra 16 inches of length. Keeping the unit level will result in a prolonged cutting edge and shoe life. Self-leveling shoes are available in both standard and Super Duty material. Keeps the Sno Pusher level and balanced, creating an even amount of pressure throughout the length of the shoe. Eliminates excess down pressure on the back of the shoe. Increased surface area actually increases the lifespan of the shoe.

Level Gauge – Running your Sno Pusher level ensures optimal performance of the unit and the longest possible life of your wear shoes and rubber cutting edge. Pro-Tech’s level gauge mounts to the Sno Pusher’s sideplate and is an easy and quick way for operators to know if they are running their Sno Pusher level.

Foldout Parts List

Serial numbers under 9,000
Serial numbers 9,000 and up


How does a Sno Pusher connect?

Loaders & Backhoes: The standard connection is a post receptacle connection. Just drive into the Sno Pusher receiver, connect your safety chains and a binder, and start pushing snow!
Skid Steers: The standard connection for skid steers is a universal coupler mount.

What happens when shoes or cutting edges wear out?

Both the shoes and the rubber cutting edges are bolted on and replaceable.
When the rubber edges are worn, they can be flipped so the opposite end can wear. Rubber cutting edges can and should be adjusted with use/wear, to get the longest life possible out of them. We also make upgraded wear shoes that self level or that come in a higher abrasion resistant strength to ensure the shoes wear evenly – which means longer wear life on the edge.

How far down should the cutting edge go?

The cutting edge should extend between approximately 1/8″ and 1/4” below the wear shoe — just enough so that the bottom of the back edge is flat to the surface. The side of the edge SHOULD NOT be the point of contact with the surface.

Can I add hydraulics to my snow pusher?

Foldout Sno Pushers with serial numbers of (43,500) and higher can be fitted with hydraulics.  If your Foldout Sno Pusher is missing the serial tag, look for the hydraulic mounting brackets on the rear of your plow.  To order hydraulics please contact your local dealer or Pro-Tech.

Is the rubber edge the same on the Foldout as the Rubber Sno Pusher?

The grade and quality of the rubber cutting edge is the same on all Pro-Tech Sno Pushers.  However, the Foldout Sno Pusher is slightly different in that it comes in 3 pieces which fit on the three corresponding sections of the snow pusher.

 How do I add hydraulics to my Foldout Sno Pusher?

Installation instructions can be downloaded here.  Pro-Tech has also created an installation video.

How do I use a binder kit with my Foldout Sno Pusher?

For installation instructions please reference page 3 of your owner’s guide.  All owner’s guides can be viewed and downloaded from our website.

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