Rubber Edge Tips and Tricks

The original snow pusher. For over 25 years, this containment snow plow has been a favorite among snow and ice professionals for use with their loaders, compact wheel loaders, backhoes, skid steers, and compact tractors. Known for its extreme durability and ease-of-use, the Rubber Edge Sno Pusher is a perfect fit for both experienced operators and those new to the job. Available in sizes ranging from 6’ to 30’, this rubber edge snow pusher can be used on a variety of commercial properties.


Owners Guide

Pullback Kit Installation Instructions (For Skid Steer Models Only)

Product Specifications (All Rubber Edge Models)



Specialty Items

Super Duty Shoe – Our Super Duty shoes are blue and made from Quard 550® (the same bullet-proof material used in armored vehicles) and are nearly double the Brinell rating of our standard shoes. They are also through-hardened to ensure a consistent hardness and even wear. Made from Quard 550®. Provides the highest wear characteristics and longest life. Double the Brinell rating of our standard wear shoes

Poly Shoe (UHMW) – Our Poly Shoe is a polycarbonate (UHMW) padded shoe, which is ideal for surfaces too sensitive for steel shoes. The poly material is slick and minimizes friction and wear to the plowing surface. The pads are replaceable. Great for parking garage membranes, pavers, etc.

Self Leveling Shoe – Our self-leveling shoes are designed to keep your Sno Pushers level to the plowing surface with an extra 16 inches of length. Keeping the unit level will result in a prolonged cutting edge and shoe life. Self-leveling shoes are available in both standard and Super Duty material. Keeps the Sno Pusher level and balanced, creating an even amount of pressure throughout the length of the shoe. Eliminates excess down pressure on the back of the shoe. Increased surface area actually increases the lifespan of the shoe

Level Gauge – Running your Sno Pusher level ensures optimal performance of the unit and the longest possible life of your wear shoes and rubber cutting edge. Pro-Tech’s level gauge mounts to the Sno Pusher’s sideplate and is an easy and quick way for operators to know if they are running their Sno Pusher level.

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How does a Sno Pusher connect?

Loaders & Backhoes: The standard connection is a post receptacle connection. Just drive into the Sno Pusher receiver, connect your safety chains and a binder, and start pushing snow!
Skid Steers: The standard connection for skid steers is a universal coupler mount.

How far down should the cutting edge go?

The cutting edge should extend between approximately 1/8″ and 1/4” below the wear shoe — just enough so that the bottom of the back edge is flat to the surface. The side of the edge SHOULD NOT be the point of contact with the surface.

Can I add a steel edge to my Rubber Edge Sno Pusher?

In short, no.  Each Pro-Tech Sno Pusher is designed with performance in mind. The angle of attack and ground clearance is different between the Rubber Edge and Steel Edge Sno Pusher, each one giving you the best outcome for that specific type of snow plow. In addition, mounting a steel edge to a rubber edge plow without a trip mechanism can be dangerous.  Eliminating the edge’s ability to flex back when hitting an obstacle can generate a significant amount of force, which can damage the machine and possibly injure the operator.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss alternatives to this solution.

When replacing my rubber cutting edge what are the torque and bolt pattern requirements?

When replacing or adjusting your rubber cutting edge we recommend using a 1/2” impact gun to ensure proper bolt torque (65-70 ft-lb).  Starting in the center, work toward the side plates tightening the bolts enough to create a substantial bow in the 4” flat-stock hold down. For complete details please reference your owner’s guide.

How should I store my Sno Pusher?

Snow Pushers should be stored in dry areas free of tall grass, which can grow around the plow and corrode the paint.

How tight should I bind my loader/backhoe model?

Post style Sno Pushers should be connected to your machine using a chain and binder kit.  Chains should be run from the corner connection points at the back of each side of the Sno Pusher then connected to hooks, which should be welded to the rear of each side of the bucket.  Chains should run parallel to the ground.  Tighten the chains using a ratchet binder.  For a more detailed description of the binding process please consult your owner’s manual or watch this video.

Can I add a back drag kit to my Sno Pusher?

Back drag or Pullback kits can be added to all rubber edge skid steer models (6’, 8’, 10’, 12’).  To see how Pullback kits are installed watch this video.  For pricing please contact Pro-Tech or your nearest dealer.

When is it time to change the wear shoes on my Sno Pusher?

Wear shoes should be changed when the bottom is worn to a ¼” thickness or if the toes or heels of the shoe are damaged.  Continuing to run a snow pusher with wear shoes that are overly worn can potentially damage the snow pusher or result in operator injury.

Customers can maximize the life of their wear shoe by rotating the shoes as they wear, which will keep the wear even, especially if operators are “heeling” when pushing snow.  This video details how and when to change your wear shoes.

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