Sno Blade Tips and Tricks

Looking for a skid steer snow plow that is durable, versatile, and can help you increase productivity? The Sno Blade is a skid steer snow plow that gives you several unique advantages over other options in the industry. First, the Sno Blade is designed using structural steel channel (the same in our snow pushers) and made for heavy-duty commercial use. Another advantage is the ACTIVE Coupler, which oscillates to contour to surface variations, clearing difficult packed snow with ease. The Sno Blade also comes standard with bolt-on wings, which are set at the perfect angle for allowing you to either contain or windrow snow. Whether using as a stand alone snow plow or adding to your fleet, the Sno Blade is a perfect fit for any property and comes in 8’ and 10’ sizes for skid steers.

Owners Manuals

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What is the width with and without wings?

  • 8’ = 96″ without wings and 109″ with wings
  • 10’ = 120″ without wings and 133″ with wings 133”

Can I add wings to my Sno Blade if they didn’t come with them?

Customers can add the wing kit to their Sno Blade at any time.  Contact Pro-Tech or your nearest dealer to place your order.  Installation instructions can be found here.

How often should I grease my A-frame?

All grease fittings and pivot points should be greased prior to the snow season and after the season has ended.

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