Super Duty Tips and Tricks

How big can a loader snow pusher get? Pro-Tech’s Super Duty Sno Pusher is the answer to that question. Perfect for airports, distribution centers, and other large properties, this snow plow can clear up to 57 yards of snow in one pass. Big properties demand big snow clearing capabilities and the Super Duty Sno Pusher delivers. Everything on the Super Duty is bigger; the height, the width, the containment, the rubber plowing edge, and the additional bracing. Currently in use at some very well-known locations across North America, has helped to keep many flights and deliveries on time. As an extra bonus, the Super Duty can also be used for non-snow applications such as moving grain, wastewater, aggregate, and more. The Super Duty Sno Pusher comes in sizes ranging from 10’ to 30’ and is available for loaders.


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How does a Sno Pusher connect?

Loaders & Backhoes: The standard connection is a post receptacle connection. Just drive into the Sno Pusher receiver, connect your safety chains and a binder, and start pushing snow!
Skid Steers: The standard connection for skid steers is a universal coupler mount.

What happens when shoes or cutting edges wear out?

Both the shoes and the rubber cutting edges are bolted on and replaceable.
When the rubber edges are worn, they can be flipped so the opposite end can wear. Rubber cutting edges can and should be adjusted with use/wear, to get the longest life possible out of them. We also make upgraded wear shoes that self level or that come in a higher abrasion resistant strength to ensure the shoes wear evenly – which means longer wear life on the edge.

How far down should the cutting edge go?

The cutting edge should extend between approximately 1/8″ and 1/4” below the wear shoe — just enough so that the bottom of the back edge is flat to the surface. The side of the edge SHOULD NOT be the point of contact with the surface.

Why are there two gussets on each side plate?

The Super Duty is designed with additional reinforcement including double gusset side supports, larger rubber cutting edge, and internal bracing.  This reinforcement is needed to help the snow pusher withstand the forces of larger wheel loaders.

Can I flip and reverse the rubber edge?

While the rubber cutting edge on the Super Duty Sno Pusher is larger than our other rubber edges, it is manufactured using the same compound and design.  The rubber edge can be flipped and reversed, giving the operator a total of 4 wear edges.

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