Turf Pusher Tips and Tricks

The Pro-Tech Turf Pusher is the first snow plow designed specifically for removing snow from sports fields. Clearing snow from artificial turf or natural grass athletic fields can be a risky and time consuming business. Snow can delay or even cancel events and many grounds workers are hesitant to even remove snow if it’s on an expensive artificial surface. The Turf Pusher smoothly glides over turf and field covers; the tubed edge minimizing any surface disruption. Multiple connection options are available and the bolt-on design allows customer to easily swap coupler styles if their prime mover changes. Since being introduced several years ago, the Turf Pusher has quickly gained popularity and is currently in use by professional sports teams, colleges, and high schools across North America. The Turf Pusher is available in 6’ and 8’ models for skid steer, compact tractor, and UTV.


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Can I use the Turf Pusher on natural grass?

The Turf Pusher can be used on both natural and artificial sports fields.  For best surface outcome we recommend clearing the snow after several inches have accumulated.  Clear the snow within 24 hours.  Do not let the snow melt and harden, which can pull material when plowing.

Can I use this on field covers?

Yes, the Turf Pusher has been used on field covers many times including several very high profile professional football games.  The rounded metal tube edge glides over the surface without damaging the cover.

Can I use this on a track?

It is not recommended that the Turf Pusher be used to clear snow from stone or rubber running tracks.  In some cases, customers have turf fields that are surrounded by running tracks and must push snow over the track during snow removal operations.  For these types of situations, we recommended that operators lift the Turf Pusher several inches above the track when moving snow over it.

Can I change the Turf Pusher’s connection myself?

The Turf Pusher’s pin-on coupler is designed for easy removal.  First, remove the lynch pins and then remove the mounting pins (quantity 4). A rubber mallet may be required.  Take caution when removing the coupler as it is heavy.

How do I store a Turf Pusher?

Never store the Turf Pusher on stone, gravel, or any other abrasive surface. Only store the Turf Pusher on a clean nonabrasive surface to avoid damaging the pipe glide system.  This video details proper storage and maintenance.

Inspecting the Turf Pusher’s Edge

Properly clean the unit before storage and remove dirt, debris, salt, etc. to extend paint life. Check the contact edge of the pipe glide system to make sure it is free from any sharp edges or debris. Paint any exposed steel surfaces to keep the unit free from corrosion.

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