V Plow Tips and Tricks

The V Plow Sno Pusher is the perfect solution for clearing sidewalks. Featuring the classic V shape, this sidewalk plow splits and windrows snow. There are minimal moving parts, reducing maintenance requirements and the risk of malfunction. Adjustable shoe discs allow operators to set the optimal position for the plowing surface. The edge is made from high quality steel ensuring that the plow can cut through any snow.

The V Plow comes in several size variations, giving customers the options to pick the plow that is best for the application. This favorite among municipalities and housing complexes has been consistently used with great success in some of the coldest and heavy-snow cities of North America. The V Plow comes in sizes of 40”, 48”, 60”, and 72” for skid steers.

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Can I add a rubber edge to my V Plow?

No, the V Plow is designed to run on its steel cutting edge, therefore a rubber cutting edge is not an option for this plow.

Can I pair my V Plow with a tractor?

Yes, any small to mid-size tractor with a universal quick attach coupler can be used with the V Plow.  For other connection types please contact Pro-Tech or your nearest dealer.

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