Our Story

It All Started In A Garage

Humble Beginnings

In the summer of 1991, Pro-Tech’s founder Mike Weagley began a small welding and fabrication business out of his parent’s garage in Rochester, NY. In time, that very same company would become the creator of the Sno Pusher and ultimately, North America’s largest containment snow plow manufacturer. That legacy continues today with our commitment to innovate and build the most durable, long lasting snow plows that do the job right. It’s no coincidence that many of our plows are still being used twenty years after they’re made. At Pro-Tech, we live and breathe winter all year round; creating new products, building inventory, and delivering on our promise to provide you with the best the industry has to offer.

Our Mission

“The products and services we provide will bring value, pride and satisfaction to our customers and employees by being better than the rest, more than they expected, and exactly what they needed. This purpose improves the quality of life of our employees, customers, industry, markets, and community.”

-Founder, Michael Weagley


forklift sno pusher

Pro-Tech Sno Pushers

V Plow Kioke Aronson
Rubber Edge Sno Pusher

Pro-Tech founder Mike Weagley begins a small welding and fabrication business out of his parent's garage.


Pro-Tech is Incorporated

Realizing the opportunity for this type of product in the market, Pro-Tech designs and manufactures the first iteration of the Sno Pusher.


First Sno Pusher Manufactured

Due to the overwhelming success of the Sno Pusher, Pro-Tech moves to a new, much larger manufacturing facility in Rochester, NY.


Skid-steer Introduced


Moved to Rochester, NY

After numerous design changes and several years pending with the Patent and Trademark Office, Patent 755 is issued on March 10, 1998.


Sno Pusher Patent Issued


Compact Model Introduced

Pro-Tech unveils the Pullback Sno Pusher, a new model that allows customers to pull snow away from walls, loading docks, and other hard-to-address areashard-to-address areas.


Pullback and Super Duty Introduced


The Industry Honors Mike Weagley


Low Profile Angle Introduced

Pro-Tech introduced the all new Steel Edge Sno Pusher. This new model features 2ft cutting edge sections, pivoting wear shoes, and a poly suspension, all which allow for aggressive scraping.


New Steel Edge IST Introduced


Turf Pusher Introduced

Pro-Tech introduces its first robot into the manufacturing process, again increasing efficiency and overall quality.


Pro-Tech Goes Robotic


Fusion Edge Introduced