Narrow design cuts through snow

Tread pattern designed for maximum traction

skid steer snow tire

Skid steer requirements for Pro Cleats

Get A Grip With This Skid Steer Snow Tire

The Pro Cleats skid steer snow tire helps your machine cut through the snow and grip the plowing surface, resulting in increased productivity. The Pro Cleats combine an aggressive tread pattern and a unique rubber compound designed for use in cold-weather precipitation. In comparison, general skid steer tires provide too much cushion.  This results in the skid steer riding on top of the snow and losing traction (slipping).  This winter, don’t let your skid steer tires slow you down. Get a grip with Pro Cleat skid steer tires and stay ahead of the competition.


While not often considered, the width of your skid steer tires can significantly affect the speed of your snow removal efforts. Common skid steer tires typically have a wide width (10”-14”).  These wide tires will often “bog” down in snow. The Pro-Cleat’s narrow tire base (7”) solves these problems by giving your skid steer nearly double the ground pressure, allowing you to maneuver through the snow with ease. This skid steer snow tire also allows your machine to push more snow further than you ever thought possible.

Tread Pattern

Skid Steer tires designed for use in landscaping or construction will underperform a dedicated snow tire in the winter. Inadequate tires result in spinning tires, short pushes, and a frustrated operator. The aggressive tread pattern gives your skid steer an incredible grip on the plowing surface. It is common to see significant improvements in productivity.

Tire Compound

The Pro Cleat’s exclusive rubber compound is formulated to stay flexible in cold temperatures in snow and ice for maximum traction. Like all of our products, the Pro Cleats are proudly molded in the USA.

Product Features

  • Easily haul and relocate snow
  • Allows for greater snow capacity when compared to standard tires
  • Narrow design cuts through snow
  • Tread pattern designed for maximum traction
  • Rubber compound engineered for low temperature

Full Specs

Model Height Ply Rating Overall Width Tread Width Weight Rating Wheel Size Price (set of 4) Buy
PC01S 32.2″ 10 8.7″ 7.0″ 11,120lbs 16″x 7.5″ SALE $1,990 ADD TO CART


"Plowed our first time last week with these Pro Cleats. We really liked them a lot. Very grippy!"

Kennebec Timber Framing

"We have large lots but only put snow in one designated area. If you are going to push snow that far of a distance you better have good traction. It's a night and day difference when plowing with the Pro Cleats. When using the Pro Cleats we can do it with ease! As a long time Pro-Tech customer it's great to see a company looking at all aspects of the industry."

Corey Parker

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