V Plow

Clear snow from sidewalks and pathways

v plow right back

Designed for use with tractors and skid steers

v plow left back

Minimal moving parts and maintenance

Clear Sidewalks With Confidence

The V Plow Sno Pusher is the perfect solution for clearing sidewalks. Featuring the classic V shape, this sidewalk snow plow splits and windrows snow. This design is significantly better than using a bucket or traditional plow, which can get “bogged down” by retaining snow.  Maintenance requirements  and the risk of malfunction are minimal, due to the V Plow having no moving parts. Adjustable shoe discs allow operators to set the optimal position for the plowing surface. The edge is made from high quality steel ensuring that the plow can cut through any snow.

The V Plow is a favorite with municipalities and housing complexes.  Some of the coldest and “snowiest” cities in North America rely on this sidewalk snow plow every winter. The V Plow comes in sizes of 40”, 48”, 60”, and 72” for skid steers.  Municipalities often use tractors for their snow removal efforts.  The V Plow’s universal quick attach connection pairs with most tractors that have loader arms.

Long Distance Sidewalk Snow Plow

The V Plow’s fully welded robust chassis allows customers to cut into deep snow that often accumulates on sidewalks and pathways without concern of breakdowns that can be associated with smaller less durable options

Product Features

  • Clear snow from sidewalks and pathways
  • Classic "v" shape splits and throws snow to side
  • A favorite among municipal crews
  • Minimal moving parts and maintenance
  • 10 year warranty

Full Specs

Model Cut Width Weight Machine Requirement (HP) Connection Type Get Quote
VP40S 40″ 228 lbs 30 hp+ mini skidsteer Get Quote
VP48S 48″ 465 lbs. 40 hp+ universal skidsteer Get Quote
VP60S 60″ 510 lbs. 50 hp+ universal skidsteer Get Quote
VP72S 72″ 582 lbs. 60 hp+ universal skidsteer Get Quote


"You can’t be competitive in plowing large area properties without a pusher-type attachment. Pro-Tech has been and will continue to be our choice."

Dave Dudash - Green Estates

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