Sno Blade

sno blade

Improves the snow clearing power of skid steer

sno blade top down

Features heavy duty snow plow frame

sno blade

Bolt-on wings can both windrow and contain snow

sno blade

Spring loaded edge can trip over obstacles

sno blade attachment

Blade angles left and right 30 degrees

sno blade

Heavy duty chassis built with structural steel channel

The Ultimate Skid Steer Snow Plow

Looking for a skid steer snow plow that is durable, versatile, and can help you increase productivity? The Sno Blade is a skid steer snow plow that gives you several unique advantages over other options in the industry. First, the Sno Blade is designed using structural steel channel (the same in our snow pushers) and made for heavy-duty commercial use. Another advantage is the ACTIVE Coupler, which oscillates to contour to surface variations, clearing difficult packed snow with ease. The Sno Blade comes with bolt-on wings that windrow and contain snow. Whether using as a stand alone snow plow or adding to your fleet, the Sno Blade is a perfect fit for any property and comes in 8’ and 10’ sizes for skid steers.

ACTIVE Coupler

The heavy duty A-frame assembly allows for angling the blade 30 degrees left or right for windrowing snow. In addition, the frame can oscillate 10 degrees, allowing operators to adjust down pressure as needed. The Sno Blade features a simple, sleek design for a skid steer snowplow.

Fly Through The Snow With Wings

This new feature gives customers the option of pushing or windrowing snow. The heavy duty bolt-on wings are at a fixed 30-degree angle, which allows for snow containment but also discharging snow when required. The Sno Blade’s mounting hardware design breaks away when hitting an obstacle. This minimizes damage to the wing and eliminate damage to the plow’s chassis.

Expand Your Toolbox

The Sno Blade’s size allows you to enhance your snow clearing capabilities in several ways. You can now remove snow from a variety of property types and from tight spaces. It can also be used as a valuable stand alone tool or paired with your existing snow pusher fleet.

Cutting Edge Craftsmanship

Pro-Tech’s craftsmanship is well known throughout the industry. Many of our products are still in use 10 or even 20 years after purchase. The Sno Blade uses reinforced structural steel channel, has fully welded seams, and is backed with our three year warranty.

Product Features

  • Improves the snow clearing power of skid steer
  • Windrow and contain snow
  • Oscillates to contour to surface variations
  • Steel edge scrapes hard-packed snow
  • Provides more versatility than truck plow
  • Chassis made of structural steel channel
  • Spring loaded edge trips over obstacles
  • 3 year warranty
  • From $4,299

Full Specs

ModelWidth (w/wings)HeightApprox. WeightMachine Requirement (HP)PriceGet Quote
ABO8S109″31″930 lbs.45 hp+$4,299Get Quote
AB10S133″31″985 lbs.70 hp+$4,699Get Quote


"We are gearing up for another winter here at JPM Enterprises. I have had great success owning your products over the years. Definitely has made a huge difference in our productivity. Thanks again for the great products!"

John Martin - JP Martin Enterprises

"We have always appreciated your product and it’s safe to say you have us as lifelong customers and friends as well."

Tom Rice - Island Wide Pressure Washing

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