Pro-Tech Foldout Sno Pusher

Pro-Tech Foldout Sno Pusher

Easily drive from site to site

Loader Model (hydraulic mounts come standard)

Hydraulic installed option available

Foldout Sno Pusher

Driving a large snow pusher from site-to-site can be difficult and even costly if you are ticketed for an oversized-load.

The Foldout Sno Pusher eliminates those fears by folding to 8’6″ which is road legal in most areas. In addition, the Foldout model is perfect for properties that contain many obstacles such as gates, bollards, and narrow wall passages.

The Foldout Sno Pusher can also eliminate the need for multiple snow pushers across different properties by making it easy for operators to travel during a snow event.

Loader Specs

Select Your prime Mover:

Model Width Approx. Weight Machine Application (min.) Moldboard Sideplate Snow Capacity Price
FP14L 13’10”/ 102” 3450 lbs. Loader - 1.5 yd. 48" 48" x 48" 19 yd. $9,895
FP16L 15’10”/ 102” 3650 lbs. Loader - 2.5 yd. 48" 48" x 48" 21 yd. $10,395
FP18L 17’10”/ 102” 3850 lbs. Loader - 3.5 yd. 48" 48" x 48" 23 yd. $10,995

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