December 8, 2015

3 Reasons Why Your Sports Team Needs a Turf Pusher

your team needs a turf pusher

Winter is here, which means people in most areas of the country can expect delays and disruptions due to snow.  Last winter Boston, Massachusetts received a record breaking accumulation of 110 inches.  Even states as far south as Georgia saw totals of at least several inches of snow.  While it can make for a memorable game, snow can also have negative effects on sporting events.  Delays and even cancellations can occur, not to mention the difficulty of finding the best way to clear snow from the playing field.

Unfortunately, for many years there hasn’t been a clear solution on the best way to handle snow when it comes to playing surfaces.  Worrying about the potential damage to expensive fields, many teams would wait until the snow melted or attempt “hodge-podge” removal techniques such as placing a PVC pipe on the bottom of a snow plow.  Some high school or college teams have even recruited players to pick up a shovel to make practice or a game possible.  For many it has seemed like an endless battle each winter.

Turf Pusher Pic 3

Enter in the Turf Pusher.  Several years ago Pro-Tech Manufacturing and Distribution, Inc. unveiled the first ever containment plow designed for turf sports fields.  A containment plow is a large plow that contains and clears snow from commercial properties (retail centers, hospitals, airports, etc.) and is usually attached to a loader, backhoe, skid-steer, or tractor.  This new more compact version of a containment plow, the Turf Pusher, is designed with a rounded metal edge, which allows operators to clear snow from the playing field with minimal to no disruption to crumb rubber.

Since its inception the Turf Pusher has been used by numerous professional sports teams, colleges and high schools across the country.  While often not familiar with this type of equipment, some of the Turf Pusher’s biggest proponents are athletic administrators, coaches, and players who understand the frustration that snowfall can bring.

Here are 3 quick reasons why your team needs a Turf Pusher:


  1. Protect Your Field – Most modern playing surfaces can cost millions of dollars to install and maintain. Don’t risk damaging your investment with medieval plowing techniques.
  1. Keep Your Facilities Open – Snowfall, even a few inches can delay or cancel sporting events and other activities. The Turf Pusher is a quick solution to keep your field open all year round.
  1. Less Shoveling. More Playing. – While it is a great workout, players should be practicing their athletic skills not their shoveling techniques.

For more information including pricing, and to see the Turf Pusher in action please visit  Snow gone.  Game on.