Tractor Sno Pusher

snow pusher for compact tractors

Tractor Sno Pusher

Snow pusher with universal connection

Interchangeable connection types for machine versatility

Tractor snow plow with back drag kit

Pullback attachment optimizing your compact tractors snow removal capabilities

Introducing The NEW Tractor Sno Pusher Model

All NEW from Pro-Tech, the Tractor Sno Pusher model. A snow pusher designed for compact tractors. The Tractor Sno Pusher model is everything you’d find in the large model Pro-Tech Sno Pusher scaled down to best suit tractor use. No more shoveling or snow-blowing long driveways and forget about using the bucket, easily attach the Tractor Sno Pusher to swiftly remove snow from behind the wheel of a compact tractor. Built the Pro-Tech way using heavy-duty steel to handle the worst of winter conditions.

Available For Anyone, ANYWHERE

We are excited to introduce our latest innovation, the Tractor Sno Pusher. As part of our commitment to our customers, we have designed this model to be universally accessible, available to anyone, anywhere! We understand that every customer has unique needs, and that’s why we made sure the Tractor Sno Pusher can connect to any type of tractor coupling, turning your compact tractor into a snow pushing machine this winter.

This versatility ensures that whether you have a small driveway or a large lot, our product will seamlessly integrate into your existing machinery. By providing such widespread availability, we aim to empower our customers with the freedom to efficiently clear snow and ice, regardless of their location or equipment. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of the Tractor Sno Pusher and let us enhance your snow removal capabilities.

Unsure what model you need? No problem, give us a call at 888.787.4766, and our customer service team can assist you with any questions.


Coupler Design

The Tractor Sno Pusher offers a coupler design that makes hooking up and getting to work seamlessly effortless. Customers can choose from several connection options to fit their specific machine. Those options include a universal connection, John Deere 200/300/400 series, and a post style to connect to any tractor bucket. The bolt-on design allows customers to easily swap coupler styles if their prime mover changes.

Pullback Kit

Don’t just push snow, pull snow too! Significantly increase your productivity by upgrading the Tractor Sno Pusher with a pullback kit. Customers simply tip the plow forward and use the pullback/back drag edge to pull snow away from tight areas, reposition, and keep on pushing.

American Made

Pro-Tech has been North America’s largest containment plow manufacturer for 25 years with all of our products proudly made in the USA. Customers can expect the best, starting with our products and ending with our excellent customer service.


Product Features

  • Easily haul and relocate snow
  • Allows greater capacity than standard bucket
  • Designed for compact tractors for residential use
  • Clear snow by working smarter not harder
  • Available in 5ft, 6ft, and 7ft
  • Various couplers available to fit your compact tractor
  • Pullback kit to pull snow away from hard to reach areas
  • From $1,599

Full Specs

Tractor Sno Pusher

Model Width Approx. Weight Machine Minimum (HP) Moldboard Sideplate Snow Capacity Price Get Quote
SP05R 5′ 269 lbs. 23 hp 24″ 28″x20″ 1.5 yd. $1,599 BUY NOW
SP06R 6′ 285 lbs. 28 hp 24″ 28″x20″ 2 yd. $1,699 BUY NOW
SP07R 7′ 292 lbs. 32 hp 24″ 28″x20″ 2.5 yd. $1,799 BUY NOW


Tractor Sno Pusher with Pullback Kit

Model Width Approx. Weight Machine Minimum (HP) Moldboard Sideplate Snow Capacity Price Get Quote
SP05R 5′ 314 lbs. 23 hp 24″ 28″x20″ 1.5 yd. $2,014 BUY NOW
SP06R 6′ 339 lbs. 28 hp 24″ 28″x20″ 2 yd. $2,169 BUY NOW
SP07R 7′ 355 lbs. 32 hp 24″ 28″x20″ 2.5 yd. $2,324 BUY NOW


"With the use of the Pro-Tech Tractor Sno Pusher, I now can remove snow with my John Deere compact tractor faster and more efficiently than a snow blower or using my bucket."

Peter Sielaff

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