Fusion Edge

sectional sno pusher

The Fusion features a steel-infused sectional rubber cutting edge

Sectional Snow Pusher For Loader and Skid Steer

Fast Attack Wear Shoes allow you to adjust edge depth in seconds

Sectional snow pusher floating coupler

Pro Float Coupler is bolt-on and floats to contour to plowing surface

Snow Pusher Coupler

Compact Wheel Loader, Backhoe, and Skid Steer Model

Skid Steer Snow Pusher

Universal Quick Attack Connection

A New Kind Of Sectional Snow Pusher

The Fusion Edge Sno Pusher is a sectional snow pusher that gives you the best of both worlds: incredible surface outcome (steel edge) and ease of use (rubber edge). For over three years, Pro-Tech tested this snow plow in the harshest of upstate NY winters. Our ultimate goal was to give you the perfect combination of performance and durability all at a reasonable price. The Fusion Edge Sno Pusher features an industry first cutting edge, wear shoe, and coupler design.  Pair this sectional snow pusher with your loader, compact wheel loader, backhoe, skid steer, or compact tractor and start clearing snow like never before. Sizes ranging from 10’ to 16’ are available.

Fusion Edge

Among snow and ice professionals there is an ongoing argument about which is better, rubber edge or a steel edge sectional snow pusher. The Fusion Edge gives you the benefits of both edges. The steel infused-rubber cutting edge can squeegee wet heavy snow but also scrape hardpack. Instead of one long edge, the Fusion Edge comes in 24” sections, allowing for easy replacement if needed. The extremely durable Fusion Edge provides 350-500 hours of heavy plowing. Steel is embedded on both sides of the edge, allowing customers to easily flip and continue  plowing if one side is worn. The Fusion Edge also can trip over obstacles such as manhole covers.

Pro Float Coupler

Floating couplers on a sectional snow pusher can allow the cutting edge to better contour to the surface and gives the operator more control. While there are other snow pushers on the market that have floating couplers, they typically only move up and down. The Pro Float coupler not only moves up and down but also sideways and oscillates. This additional movement allows the plow to freely float without obstruction, improving surface outcome. Does your company ever switch machines from season to season? Maybe you want to use the Fusion on several types of machines throughout the winter? The Pro Float Coupler’s bolt-on design allows you to do just that. Choose from several connection options including CAT Fusion, CAT IT, JRB, Euro, Universal, and post style. Unlike many sectional snow pushers, the Pro Float Coupler has no pushing or stacking limitations.

Fast Attack Shoes

For many standard snow pushers and containment snow plows, adjusting the rubber plowing edge can sometimes be time consuming. The typical adjustment process consists of loosening bolts and shifting a long piece of rubber into the optimal position (usually ⅛” to ¼” below the wear shoe) and then tightening the bolts. While this process works for many snow and ice management professionals, the Fusion’s Fast Attack Shoes improve that process.

Customers now adjust the cutting edge depth at the wear shoes. Operators simply pull a pin on each shoe, find the optimal position and re-insert the pin. This design not only decreases maintenance requirements but also allows the operator to set how aggressive they want to plow, whether clearing snow from gravel or trying to clear hardpack snow and ice. The Fast Attack Shoe is also based on our Self-Leveling Shoe, which helps the operator maintain a level plowing position at all times.

Don’t Complicate Things

At Pro-Tech, we are big believers in producing snow plows that get the job done, are easy to use, and don’t cost a fortune. The Fusion Edge Sno Pusher is a sectional snow pusher that provides you all of those benefits and is significantly less expensive than the competition.

Product Features

  • Incredible surface clearance and ease of use
  • Industry first: Steel infused rubber cutting edge
  • Edge squeegees wet snow and scrapes hard packed snow
  • Bolt-on, floating coupler contours to surface
  • 2ft cutting edge sections trip over obstacles
  • 10 year warranty
  • From $6,499

Full Specs

Choose Your Prime Mover:

Compact Wheel Loader
ModelWidthApprox. WeightHeightSnow CapacityMachine Requirement (HP)PriceGet Quote
SG12L12′2495 lbs.48″15 yd.100 hp+$8,199Get Quote
SG14L14′2735 lbs.48″18 yd.120 hp+$8,699Get Quote
SG16L16′2975 lbs.48″21 yd.125 hp+$9,299Get Quote


ModelWidthApprox. WeightHeightSnow CapacityMachine Requirement (HP)PriceGet Quote
SG10M8′2255 lbs.38″8 yd.50 hp+$6,499Get Quote
SG10M10′2495 lbs.38″10 yd.60 hp+$7,099Get Quote
SG12M12′2735 lbs.38″12 yd.70 hp+$7,399Get Quote
ModelWidthApprox. WeightHeightSnow CapacityMachine Requirement (HP)PriceGet Quote
SG10M10′2495 lbs.38″10 yd.60 hp+$7,099Get Quote
SG12M12′2735 lbs.38″12 yd.70 hp+$7,399Get Quote


ModelWidthApprox. WeightHeightSnow CapacityMachine Requirement (HP)PriceGet Quote
SG08M8′2255 lbs.38″8 yd.50 hp+$6,499Get Quote
SG10M10′2495 lbs.38″10 yd.60 hp+$7,099Get Quote
SG12M12′2735 lbs.38″12 yd.70 hp+$7,399Get Quote


"Awesome customer service. Our team is looking forward to running the new gear."

Jonathan Crandall - JC Grounds Management

"We Love This Plow. It gives you the surface clearance of a sectional but with the simplicity and ease of use of a rubber edged snow pusher."

Gavin Clark - AP Enterprises

"When I first saw it I thought this is a great idea. It really proved itself by scraping like a steel with the added bonus of flexing like a rubber edge."

Jamie Carncross - ProScapes

"Pro-Tech has always served us well and this new plow provides the durability they are known for along with some added improvements including their new edge, which cleans amazing. It feels like you are operating an Indy Car when you use it!"

Phil Leone - Regional Pavement Maintenance

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