Turf Pusher

turf pusher right front plate

Designed to clear snow from artificial and natural sports fields

turf pusher back

In use by professional, collegiate, and high school teams

turf pusher right back plate

Bolt-on coupler allows you to switch connection style as needed

turf pusher right back plate

Don't let snow ruin your practices or games this season

Snow Plow For Turf

The Pro-Tech Turf Pusher is the first snow plow designed specifically for removing snow from sports fields. Clearing snow from artificial turf or natural grass athletic fields can be a risky and time consuming business. Snow can delay or even cancel events and many grounds workers are hesitant to even remove snow if it’s on an expensive artificial surface. This snow plow for turf smoothly glides over turf and field covers; the tubed edge minimizing any surface disruption. Multiple connection options are available and the bolt-on design allows customer to easily swap coupler styles if their prime mover changes. Since being introduced several years ago, the Turf Pusher has quickly gained popularity and is currently in use by professional sports teams, colleges, and high schools across North America. The Turf Pusher is available in 6’ and 8’ models for skid steer and compact tractor.

Snow Gone. Game On.

Event delays or cancellations can be frustrating and sometimes expensive. Snow can often wreak havoc on not only grounds crews but players as well. For smaller schools, athletes would much rather be practicing their sport than shoveling snow from the field. The Turf Pusher has saved the day for many schools allowing them to keep things on schedule.

New Machine? No Problem.

The Turf Pusher’s pin-on coupler design allows you to easily swap connection types if you change machines. Choose from over 12 connection types including universal, euro, John Deere, Toro and more.

Smooth Edge

The Turf Pusher uses a metal-tubed-edge, which instead of a traditional plowing edge, glides over the surface with minimal to no surface disruption. Grounds crews finally have a consistent solution to snow removal instead of taking risks with PVC pipes and other “hodge podge” methods.

Big Time

During the winter, it’s common to see the Turf Pusher on nationally televised sporting events. Since being introduced, some of the biggest names in sports have used the Turf Pusher with great success. In fact, many artificial turf manufacturers recommend that if you have to remove snow from their fields, you do it with a Turf Pusher.

Product Features

  • Clear snow from turf sports fields
  • Minimizes displacement of crumb rubber
  • Eliminate game or practice delays caused by snow
  • Multiple connection types available
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • From $4,399

Full Specs

Choose Your Prime Mover:

Compact Tractor
Model Width Approx. Weight Machine Minimum (HP) Moldboard Sideplate Snow Capacity Price Get Quote
SP06T 6′ 318 lbs. 28 hp 28″ 28″ x 28″ 3 yd. $4,399 + $480 for coupler Get Quote
SP08T 8′ 408 lbs. 34 hp 28″ 28″ x 28″ 4 yd. $4,799+ $480 for coupler Get Quote
Model Width Approx. Weight Machine Minimum (HP) Moldboard Sideplate Snow Capacity Price Get Quote
SP06T 6′ 318 lbs. 28 hp 28″ 28″ x 28″ 3 yd. $4,399 + $480 for coupler Get Quote
SP08T 8′ 408 lbs. 34 hp 28″ 28″ x 28″ 4 yd. $4,799+ $480 for coupler Get Quote


"Two days after Blizzard Juno, our turf field was cleared of over a foot of snow and we were able to practice outside. I would imagine not too many Colleges/Universities around New England were able to that, giving us an advantage over our competition…all thanks to the Turf Pusher and our excellent Facilities Department."

Michael Gallagher - Assistant Director of Athletics Roger Williams University

"We've tried PVC pipes, PVC pipes wrapped in rubber, rubber plow blades and nothing compares to the performance of the Turf Pusher. This is not only the best way to remove snow from your turf but it is also the safest way to remove the snow."

Bob Mangold - King's College

"To date we have three Turf Pushers which have worked great. I would recommend them for use on any synthetic field. They are easy on the turf and also easy to use."

Chuck Dietz - University of Notre Dame

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