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Industry Leader

Pro-Tech might have started as a small fabrication shop but today, we are an industry leader, supplying thousands of companies across North America with the best snow plows in the business.

We are always working on ways that we can enhance and simplify the snow removal process through our products. We don’t complicate what doesn’t need to be complicated. The best designs and innovation keep it simple. This ensures that when required, maintenance of our products is easy. This approach can be found in several of our newest products, the Turf Pusher, Sno Blade, and Fusion Edge Sno Pusher.

While we have certainly grown over the years, our commitment to excellence never ceases. Every snow plow that leaves our world class production facility is manufactured with pride, service and a commitment to you, all backed by our 10 year warranty.

At Pro-Tech, we know how important your job is to your community. While often underappreciated, a snow removal professional plays a critical role in keeping everyday life moving during a winter storm. You need equipment that works, and refuses to break. We know you won’t settle for products that aren’t built as tough as you are. So, if you keep pushing snow, we’ll keep striving to bring you the best snow plows on the market.

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Premium Vs Commercial Steel

At Pro-Tech we use only prime steel, which means the material meets the chemistry specifications as intended by the manufacturer.  This ensures that each piece of steel used to build your Sno Pusher is consistently of the highest quality.
Competitors: Some use commercial steel, which does not meet the chemistry specifications as intended by the manufacturer, which can result in inconsistent low quality material.

Fully Welded Seams

Every Sno Pusher is fully welded, which ensures strength and extreme durability. It also reduces corrosion from the inside out.
Competitors: Some intermediate (stitch) weld their product, which can compromise the unit.


Reinforced structural steel channel provides maximum structural strength. The triangular wedges on the front of the snow pusher also provide for maximum sideplate support.
Competitors: Some chassis are made of primarily out of cut or bent sheet metal, which is susceptible to faster wear. The thinner gauge metal results in a weaker structure.


Every Sno Pusher goes through a two-step paint prep process to remove any access welding spatter. Pro-Tech uses high quality primers and paints on all of their Sno Pusher products. These coatings are at least 4 mil thick and are qualified using a one thousand hour salt spray test.
Competitors: Some other paint coatings aren’t as resistant to intensive industrial use.

Rubber Cutting Edges

On Rubber Edge Sno Pushers Pro-Tech uses SBR extruded rubber, which demands the highest quality ingredients. With a durometer 65 and a 2000 PSI tensile strength it is to be perfect blend of hardness, flexibility, and durability. Pro-Tech rubber is also certified for tensile strength, elongations, tear, heat aging, compressions, ozone resistance, low temperature resistance, and abrasion resistance.
Competitors: Some companies use molded rubber, which can contain imperfections, fillers, recycled rubber, and even sawdust.

Wear Shoes

Pro-Tech shoes are abrasion and impact resistant and through-hardened, which allows for consistent wear over the entire life of the shoe.
Competitors: Some use wear shoes that are only surface hardened resistant steel. This means that once the first layer of metal on the shoe is worn, you are running the pusher on soft metal. Even a shoe with a higher hardness rate will not last as long as a shoe with a lower hardness rate that is through hardened.

Customer Service

We are proud of the passion that our customers have for the Pro-Tech brand. Pro-Tech currently holds a 96% customer satisfaction rating and while we take pride in that number we will continue to strive towards 100%. Here is just some of the feedback we’ve received from customers about their experience working with Pro-Tech.

Custom Options

Pro-Tech has a skilled team of engineers, designers, and fabricators that can work with you to customize your Sno Pusher. These options include couplers, paint, wear shoe type, and sideplate branding.

Ten Year Warranty

We talk a lot about the quality of our Sno Pushers but we also stand behind it. Every Pro-Tech Sno Pusher comes with a 10 year warranty. We take great pride in knowing that many of our customers are using their Sno Pushers 20 years after purchase!

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