Forklift snow pusher

Transforms forklift into a snow removal machine

forklift snow pusher back

Perfect as a backup snow plow

Transform Your Forklift

A snow plow or a snow pusher paired with a forklift is not a common occurrence. However, with Pro-Tech’s Forklift Sno Pusher, you can re purpose your forklift for snow removal. This forklift snow plow is best used on larger, outdoor forklifts. Companies can now clear snow from parking lots, loading docks, and other areas. This snow pusher is designed so that you can keep the forks on the machine while plowing snow. Two 4” x 12” holes in the moldboard allow you to slide your forks through. The Forklift Sno Pusher is based on the same rugged chassis as our standard backhoe models and is available in sizes ranging from 10’ to 14’.

A Great Backup

The Forklift Sno Pusher can be used as a reliable backup for your companies snow removal efforts. Equipment can break down, the snow removal contractor you hired can’t make it for some reason. These reasons and more are why companies decide to keep a Forklift Sno Pusher on their property just in case something happens to their primary method of clearing snow.

The Edge

Pro-Tech used SBR extruded rubber, which is made out of the highest quality ingredients. With a durometer of 65 and a 2,000 PSI tensile strength, is the perfect blend of hardness, flexibility, and durability.

10 Year Warranty

As with all our snow pushers, this forklift snow plow comes with a 10 year warranty and our promise of excellence. Every snow pusher we build comes with structural-steel-reinforced chassis with fully welded seams. Pro-Tech also uses only the highest quality steel that is offered for its kind by manufacturers. Basically, this means that the steel in your Sno Pusher is the best of the best.

Product Features

  • Transforms forklift into a snow removal machine
  • Perfect as a backup snow plow
  • Can be used with most commercial forklifts
  • Rubber edge squeegees snow from surface
  • 10 year warranty
  • From $5,599

Full Specs

Model Width Approx. Weight Machine Minimum (HP) Moldboard Sideplate Snow Capacity Price Get Quote
FT10F 10′ 1300 lbs. 50 hp 36″ 36″ x 36″ 9 yd. $5,599 Get Quote
FT12F 12′ 1450 lbs. 70 hp 36″ 36″ x 36″ 11 yd. $6,399 Get Quote
FT14F 14′ 1600 lbs. 85 hp 36″ 36″ x 36″ 13 yd. $7,199 Get Quote


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