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What are Pro-Tech Sno Pushers?

Sno Pushers are containment plows, designed and manufactured by Pro-Tech for use attached to Skid Steers, Backhoes, Loaders and other heavy equipment.  Unlike conventional plows, Sno Pushers can capture large amounts of snow and move it forward to designated snow piles.  Standard plows can only windrow snow off to the side, which is inefficient in large lots.  Check our selector charts for detailed information on models for use by dealer and equipment type.

Who uses Sno Pushers?

The business type varies, but typically it includes commercial snow removal companies and municipalities.  It also includes the spectrum of equipment owners and operators who need to remove snow and ice, or move materials with:

  • Compact Tractors
  • Skid Steers
  • Backhoes
  • Loaders

Where are Sno Pushers used?

  • Commercial parking lot snow removal
  • Industrial parking lot snow removal
  • Residential or condominium parking lot snow removal
  • Airport tarmac plowing and clearing
  • Trucking facilities
  • Ski & Snow Properties
  • Municipalities/City Centers (to facilitate hauling snow away)
  • Any other area that’s typically over 1 acre in size
  • Agricultural facilities for moving grain and materials
  • Wastewater management facilities

Why buy a Pro-Tech Sno Pusher?

Efficiency gains – Sno Pusher owners report increases in productivity up to 500% over conventional blades or buckets. Move more snow, in less time with fewer man hours invested.

Higher Profitability – A single Pro-Tech Sno Pusher will do the work of 3 to 4 trucks in less time. How?

  • Fewer man hours required
  • Fewer equipment hours required
  • Fewer machines to maintain and set up prior to season

Customers also report consistent increased profit potential on jobs bid; which enhances job award potential and ultimately allows them to maintain higher profit margins than were possible with conventional equipment.

How fast can purchase costs be recovered?

Sno Pushers can and SHOULD be used for all snowfall events — light or heavy. Purchase costs are generally recovered in less than a single winter snow season.

How does a Sno Pusher connect?

Loaders & Backhoes: The standard connection is a post receptacle connection. Just drive into the Sno Pusher receiver, connect your safety chains and a binder, and start pushing snow!

Skid Steers: The standard connection for skid steers is a universal coupler mount.

Pro-Tech also offers several custom connection options.

Does the bucket have to be removed?

No! Leaving the bucket attached can be a benefit! When a bucket stays on with a Sno Pusher used with a loader or backhoe it makes the operation safer and less expensive to repair. If the operator were to hit an obstacle, impact would most likely break the chain connecting your bucket to the Sno Pusher. If the Sno Pusher were to be directly connected to a loader’s arms, the impact would be more likely to damage the loader’s arms, which could be a more expensive fix.

What happens when shoes or cutting edges wear out?

Both the shoes and the rubber cutting edges are bolted on and replaceable.

When the rubber edges are worn, they can be flipped so the opposite end can wear. Rubber cutting edges can and should be adjusted with use/wear, to get the longest life possible out of them. We also make upgraded wear shoes that self level or that come in a higher abrasion resistant strength to ensure the shoes wear evenly – which means longer wear life on the edge.

The Steel Edge Sno Pusher components should be worn at the same rate.  The shoes and steel edge should be replaced at the same time to maximize the scraping performance of the unit.

Will a Sno Pusher put more wear and tear on my machine?

All of Pro-Tech’s Sno Pusher units are designed to resist any hard, fast impact. Use of a Sno Pusher will reduce the equipment or “machine” wear and tear experienced with other plowing methods. Sno Pushers are designed to provide strength at a weight that fits a machine’s capabilities without “overstress.”

Are Sno Pushers safe?

Yes. Pro-Tech’s Sno Pushers are designed for safety. Critical points in our Safety System:

  1. Trip-action Rubber Cutting Edge:  Matches the contour of the surface being plowed.
  2. Wear shoe positioning: Sno Pusher wear shoes are raised to a 45 degree angle, front and rear, with a 6″ height to ride over obstructions and curbs. Reduces impact and damage to contract sites.
  3. Quick Change Attachment System: An engineered breakout force in the chain clevis allows the unit to break free from the machine’s bucket should an accidental impact with an immobile object occur.

The combination of these three results in significantly reduced damage to equipment, contract sites and lower incidence of injury to machine operators.

When are Sno Pushers used?

Sno Pushers are used in any snow conditions from 1″ to more than 12″ –with any type of snow, wet or dry.  Rubber edge Sno Pushers are more ideal for wet snow and Steel-Edge Sno Pushers work best for dry or hard pack snow conditions.

Can I pile snow with Sno Pushers?

Yes. You have full range of mobility to pile snow as high as your machine can reach. This gives you the ability to strategically set up stacking points in the area you are working to keep snow piles away from heavy traffic areas.

What about icy snow and hard pack?

You may wish to consider Pro-Tech’s Steel Edge Sno Pusher or the new Fusion Edge Sno Pusher.

Pro-Tech’s Steel Edge Sno Pusher allows the operator to EASILY break up hard pack and icy snow, while the unique polyurethane tripping system reduces the danger from raised obstructions such as curbs and manhole covers.  The Fusion Edge Sno Pusher features a steel infused rubber cutting edge that provides incredible performance and ease of use.

If you do not have a Steel Edge Sno Pusher then use the bucket or conventional steel-edged-plow to break up the ice and hard-pack.

Do Sno Pushers have other uses?

Yes, they do. They are being used by Agricultural and Wastewater industry operations with increasing frequency. Sno Pusher units can be used for any light materials moving/handling – ranging from water, mud, sludge, silage, manure, and grain to trash. Some slight modifications may be necessary/appropriate.

Can a Sno Pusher connect to an OEM quick coupler?

They can and Pro-Tech offers a wide variety of custom coupler options.  For more information please call us or visit our Custom Sno Pusher Options page.

How far down should the cutting edge go?

The cutting edge should extend between approximately 1/8″  and 1/4” below the wear shoe — just enough so that the bottom of the back edge is flat to the surface.  The side of the edge SHOULD NOT be the point of contact with the surface.

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